Transmog Wish List: Warlock

I finally succumbed and got the add-on Mogit, that I had heard and read a lot about. Needless to say, I am now addicted. Currently I’m working on building a wish list set for each of my characters. And so, during the holidays, I will be sharing my sets with you, since I’ll be too busy celebrating to have much else to say.

For my Warlock I started with the robe, and worked from that. If I could have anything, this is the set I’d like to build right now.



Transmog Wish List: Warlock — 9 Comments

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  2. They took this robe out of the game!!! WAaaaaaAAAaaaa!!! /cry /sadface! I had made a whole ‘mog for it several months ago, and I had to have arena currency to buy it (or something complex and unattainable, I can’t remember now), so I bought the blue/teal version “in the meantime” thinking I would buy it when it wouldn’t be “the arena PvPeen cream of dresses” and they would change the vendor value for it, as they tend to do when new sets come out. Well, now the vendor who sold it is now gone, and the dress is listed on Wowhead as “no longer available to players”. [insert more crying and sadfacing here]

    • I heard that Blizzard were thinking of putting these vendors back in the game in the next patch. I really really hope that’s true, because I want that robe!

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