Transmog Wish List: Paladin — 12 Comments

  1. My fav is the ret set 🙂 Which items did you use? I know I’ve seen some of them before, but I don’t know the names. If you would like to share 🙂

    • The ret gear is put together from a few different sets 🙂

      Shoulders: Immolation Shoulderguards
      Chest: Field Plate Armor
      Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
      Waist: Lofty Belt
      Hands: Exalted Gauntlets
      Feet: Blackfooted Greatboots
      Weapon: Reforged Trollbane

    • just saw in another post that u listed the ret gear, hehe 🙂 but can u list the ones u are using for your prot set? 🙂

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