In With the New, and Out With the Old

And so suddenly it was 2013. I’m not entirely sure what happened, the holiday period just sort of came and went without me realising and now it’s a new year. It’s time to buckle up and kick-start this new year with more regular posting on the blog. So stay tuned for more random ramblings and Warlock ponderings as the year continues.

So, what’s happened since last I wrote?


We had a bit of a slump in raiding where we didn’t have any progress for about a month due to low sign-ups. Then we finally managed to get another boss down, and… cue the holiday period. So progress is still rather slow, but things are starting to look better again. As of this week we’re back to full manpower, so I’m hoping to see bosses dropping like flies in the next few raids.

Definitely could do with another healer though. Where does one find a decent healer?


This expansion isn’t overly alt-friendly, but being the altoholic that I am I haven’t been able to stop myself. I now have my Warlock (the main) at 90, as well as two Monks (one horde, one alliance) and my Paladin. I’m working on my Druid since I want a decent farmer, but it’s slow.

The Paladin is mainly tanking, and even had to jump into one of the guild’s raids one night when one of our tanks couldn’t make it. Boy, was I nervous! She did okay though. Especially for being somewhat badly geared, and only ever having tanked the fights once on LFR beforehand.

The Monk on Horde side isn’t really doing much. I just wanted the Double Agent achievement. The Alliance Monk though I’m currently working on gearing up as a healer. Monk healing is rather odd though and I haven’t quite wrapped my head around it yet. It’s definitely something to work on.


I got this lovely little guy for Christmas. It’s such an adorable little kitten, and I’ve actually started out with pet battles with it, even if just a little bit.

Kitty cat <3

Then I logged into the game one day, and someone had sent me this thing. It made me go “aaww”.




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