Warlock News/Changes for 5.2

Patch 5.2 is looming on the horizon and other than new raids and a new daily questing area there are a lot of tweaks to classes happening. I wanted to try and summarize what’s happening for Warlocks as it currently stands. Obviously, this is all still subject to change since the PTR is still in full swing.

Patch Notes

  • The Felhunter ability Spell Lock is now an interrupt, and no longer applies a 3-second blanket silence.
  • Blood Fear has been redesigned. This ability is now cast on the Warlock, and causes melee attacks that strike within the next 60 seconds to fear the attacker. When cast, the ability has 1 charge, costs 20% health to activate, and has a 30-second cooldown.
  • Soul Leech now provides an absorption shield instead of healing.
  • Sacrificial Pact now requires the pet to sacrifice 25% of its health to activate (was 50%).
  • Kil’jaeden’s Cunning is now a passive talent, and its activated ability has been removed.
  • The passive damage from Archimonde’s Vengeance no longer has a visual effect.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the damage of abilities by 20% (was 25%) for Destruction, and 45% (was 50%) for Affliction.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now provides the spell Whiplash instead of Seduction when a Succubus is sacrificed.
  • Glyph of Burning Embers has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Destruction Warlocks.
  • Glyph of Soul Shards has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Affliction Warlocks.
  • New Glyph: Glyph of Ember Tap. This glyph increases the healing gained from Ember Tap by 50%.
  • New Glyph: Glyph of Drain Life. This glyph increases the healing gained from Drain Life by 30%.

New Item Sets

Blizzard has released previews for our Tier 15 set, as well as our Season 13 PvP set. I don’t like them as much as the current sets, but the PvP set looks quite decent. The tier set however I’m not over the moon about. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t make me overly concerned about getting it either (like some other sets have).

Tier 15 - Warlock

Tier 15 – Warlock

Set Bonus
2-Piece: While Dark Soul is active, your chance to trigger Nightfall is increased by 30%, Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn consume 20% less Embers, and abilities cost 30% less Demonic Fury.
4-Piece: Your Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul deal 5% more periodic damage, your Incinerate has a 8% chance to generate twice the normal Embers, and your Shadow Bolt and Soul Fire grant 5% more Demonic Fury.

Season 13 PvP - Warlock

Season 13 PvP – Warlock

Green Fire

Blizzard is finally going to add the class specific quest for Warlocks to be getting green fire. I have high hopes for this quest, since I really enjoyed the solo bit of the Legendary quest last expansion where we got to go in and complete a special version of The Nexus. Getting green fire also means we will stand out and not look like those silly Mages when we fling our great balls of fire and doom.

Green Fire > Red Fire

Green Fire > Red Fire

Other Notes on Warlocks

Here are a few tidbits that have been floating around on the forums or on Twitter that involve Warlocks and what’s in the works for us.

  • They’re talking about buffing Supremacy to make it a more viable choice in raiding.
  • Part of the reason Warlocks were revamped as much as they were for MoP was the low population of them. But Blizzard also wanted them to feel different from Mages.
  • It’s under consideration to make Dark Intent provide the Stamina buff. (Here’s to hoping!)

I’m personally looking forward to the 5.2 patch. While I’m not keen on the nerf to Sacrifice, I’m interested to see if Supremacy will end up better in its stead. Something which I would quite enjoy, since I feel odd as a Warlock running around without a demon. Then there’s also the green fire to look forward to (though I wouldn’t have minded purple!). Most of all, I hope they add the Stamina buff to Dark Intent.

What are your hopes for the 5.2 patch?


Warlock News/Changes for 5.2 — 3 Comments

  1. I am hoping for a slight bump to Destro’s damage. I’d like to go back to raiding as Destro verses Aff. I started out as Aff when I rolled my warlock but since the 5.0 patch I have been Destro and loving it. I was sad when I had to go back to Aff (I am not a fan of the changes) for raiding. Unfortunately there is just no comparison when it comes to the damage I can put out as Aff.

    Do you know if the quest for green fire will turn all of our red fire spells green or just some of them?

    • I’m a Destro lock at heart, so I really hope they bring its damage up to be competitive with the other specs. There’s just something about hurling huge Chaos Bolts at people that appeal to me…

      Regarding how many spells will be effected, I haven’t seen any information about it. I’m hoping it’s all of them though. It would make the most sense!

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