Warlock News/Changes for 5.2 — 3 Comments

  1. I am hoping for a slight bump to Destro’s damage. I’d like to go back to raiding as Destro verses Aff. I started out as Aff when I rolled my warlock but since the 5.0 patch I have been Destro and loving it. I was sad when I had to go back to Aff (I am not a fan of the changes) for raiding. Unfortunately there is just no comparison when it comes to the damage I can put out as Aff.

    Do you know if the quest for green fire will turn all of our red fire spells green or just some of them?

    • I’m a Destro lock at heart, so I really hope they bring its damage up to be competitive with the other specs. There’s just something about hurling huge Chaos Bolts at people that appeal to me…

      Regarding how many spells will be effected, I haven’t seen any information about it. I’m hoping it’s all of them though. It would make the most sense!

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