The other day I was in a LFR, and I was amused to see this one Mage who felt it was imperative to link the dps chart every time he topped it. Now, had he linked it after every boss, then okay. But he only ever linked it if he was on top. It’s one of those things I’ve never quite understood.. Some people’s need to show off how “good” they are. Do they really think that 24 strangers care if they’re topping the dps chart?

It wasn’t enough to just link it either, the Mage in question had to comment on how good he was all the time as well. I’ll admit, eventually I got rather tired of hearing it, so when he made another comment of “I gotta be so good!” I couldn’t help myself, but replied; “Well, if nothing else you have a good-sized ego.”

Not sure why, but he didn’t link the dps anymore after that. (Then again he suddenly went afk as well.. did I hurt his epeen?)

Don’t get me wrong. Take pride in your dps. Work to get better. But I find that the people who feel it’s important to be top and show it to everyone are also often the same people who will ignore game mechanics and team work to boost their own numbers. You know the ones… The guy who will move himself into a position that means you have to deal with whatever is chasing them while they keep dpsing, the guy who will never switch to the add. Or the guy that will AoE all of the adds when the best thing would have been to CC some, just to boost his dps. Not to mention the person who will take extra damage from avoidable abilities, just to get some more dps time in before moving.


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  1. What really used to get me was people who’d link healing charts. Like, wtf do you think that means? I almost always had a tiny fraction of the overhealing done that people who’d outhealed me had, because I didn’t cast spells all willy-nilly! Should I link those charts? Would it help grow my epeen? People are competitive in the dumbest ways.

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