Thoughts on being a Monk

Recently I’ve been spending quite a lot of time leveling up and playing my Monk, Lorelei. I find the Monk class to be quite fun and enjoyable, and have tried all three specs by now. Mine’s a Pandaren, because I find that I quite enjoy them. Their animations are really well-done and fluid, which means they fit the Monk class perfectly.

Being a Pandaren in Pandaria

Has anyone else noticed that the Pandaria leveling experience doesn’t really seem to be tailored towards being a Pandaren? Quest givers keep looking at you oddly and saying things like “I’ve never seen anyone of your kind”. Which seems a bit odd considering that as a Pandaren you look exactly the same as they do. I appreciate the fact that we’re Pandaren from the Wandering Isle, rather than main land Pandaria, but we’re still the same race.

I’ve also had NPCs commenting on my odd looks, or how skinny I am, so I should eat something. Which seemed fine when I was a human or night elf, less so when I look the same as they do.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Pandaren experience. But it amuses me when my own kin treat me like some sort of mysterious entity they’ve never before laid eyes on. When one of them said “I’ve never seen one such as you”, I wanted to reply “Have you tried looking in a mirror?”

Windwalker Adventures

The Windwalker is the dps spec of the Monk, and it’s a lot of fun with a lot of movement options. When leveling Touch of Death ends up rather over-powered since you basically get a one-shot ability once every minute and a half. You’re a lean, mean rolling machine!

As a dps you seem to have competitive damage compared to most classes, as long as you remember to keep your buffs/debuffs up. And who doesn’t love the rapid punching of Fists of Fury?

Mistweaver Adventures

My first few tries in the LFR I was a Mistweaver, but I find myself rather mana starved, even while using Mana Tea as much as I can. I suspect this is a combination of lack of gear and lack of experience as a healing Monk. Mistweaver healing feels a bit different to other healers so far, but I will probably get used to it eventually. I need to find myself a nice add-on that will track my Renewing Mist so that I can easier now when to use Uplift.

I do find them a lot of fun though, and I’m determined to learn how to heal well on one!

Brewmaster Adventures

I only recently specced Brewmaster to tank, since I didn’t feel that I had the gear necessary before. In Heroics I seem to be doing fine, but I’m still learning to rotate all my cooldowns and using the correct abilities. You don’t have much dodge or parry as a Brewmaster, but seem to rely mainly on your used abilities like Blackout Kick (which gives you 20% parry for 6 seconds) and Staggering the damage that you do take.

In LFR I seem to take a fair bit of damage still, which may be partly my own fault since I still need to learn to use everything correctly, but it also seems to partly be that healers don’t always realise that I’m a tank. Are Monk tanks that rare?

Only last night when I was tanking Feng in MSV I had not one, but two Priests use their grip on me to grab me away from the boss when they felt I was taking a lot of damage.

Once people realise that I’m actually tanking, it seems to work better. But I do, admittedly, take a bit much damage at times.

Monk tanking is a lot of fun though. I absolutely love breathing fire at trash packs!

Burn, baby, BURN!

Burn, baby, BURN!

Have you tried playing a Monk yet? How are you finding it?


Thoughts on being a Monk — 4 Comments

  1. I started a Panda monk, because a friend who’d rolled the healer monk said it was really fun, but then I quit. :I

    I know what I’ll be working on if I play again, though! I named it after my Japanese grandmother, so she can live on as an adorable chubby panda in WoW.

  2. I got to level 5 🙁
    I like the idea and managed to level quite far on the beta but haven’t quite got around to doing it on live. Want to try a Mistweaver in PvP though so need restart it soon.

    • I’ve not done a whole lot of PvP yet, but the little I did I was surprised at my survivability despite only wearing 2-3 of the crafted PvP items. I don’t know if I was just lucky, or if they’re quite good. They seem fairly mobile with their Roll, and the instant heal when channeling Soothing Mist. This reminds me, I really should try some more PvP on her!

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