Warlock Glyphs: Major

Mists of Pandaria brought along with it some changes to our glyph system, leaving us with only Major and Minor glyphs. I wanted to take a look at the glyphs available to us, and what they do. Today we will have a look at the Major glyphs.

Conflagrate (Destruction)
With this glyph you no longer need to have Immolate on the target to trigger the snare. This can be quite useful in a PvP setting.

Curse of Exhaustion (Affliction)
Using this, your CoEx will reduce the movement speed by 70% (instead of 30%), but will only last half as long and receive a 10 second cooldown. There are few PvE uses for this, but it can be useful in PvP.

Curse of Elements
This makes your Curse of Elements spell hit two additional targets.

Demon Hunting (Demonology)
This is the so called “tanking-glyph” of the Demonology Warlock. However, it should be noted that you’re definitely not a tank, you just gain a taunt and become a bit harder to kill. It’s a nice glyph for soloing, and it might work for you to pop it and briefly tank something while the real tank is being resurrected. It’s quite a bit of fun though, and you look pretty cool, getting to run around with demon wings!

Demon Training
When using this glyph your demons’ special abilities will be “improved”, but truth be told it’s not really much better. I’ve seen little to no use for this glyph in PvE since it doesn’t seem to have any dps increase. However, it might be nice for soloing, since it does increase the Voidwalker’s armor by 10%.

Demonic Circle
This glyph reduces the cooldown on your Demonic Circle ability by 4 seconds. In PvE there are few fights (if any) where I have found myself needing a shorter cooldown, so I would say this is more useful in a PvP/Arena setting.

Drain Life
When using this glyph your Drain Life spell heals you for an additional 30%. It should be noted that this does not seem to apply to Harvest Life, if you’ve specced into that.

Ember Tap (Destruction)
With this glyph your Emper Tap will heal you for an additional 5% of your health, but it will do so over 10 seconds rather than instantly. Personally I generally prefer the instant heal, but this can be useful during a fight where you know there is sustained damage or a DoT you can negate with the over-time version.

Eternal Resolve
Unending Resolve is now a passive ability that reduces damage by 10%.

This glyph probably would not be used much in PvP, since the 5 second cooldown could be quite bad. However, it can be useful if you’re doing a controlled dungeon run where you need good crowd control. It will be nice to not have your feared target running around the entire room pulling the next five or so packs. Do remember though, that unlike other CC abilities, your Fear does still trigger combat!

Havoc (Destruction)
Your Havoc spell gains 3 additional charges, but the cooldown is increased by 35 seconds.

Your healthstone will restore double the amount of health, but will do so over 10 seconds. I personally prefer the one-time use on my healthstones (especially since it can crit, which I’ve not seen this do), but there might be fights where this is useful. If you know you’re not going to take more damage for a while, or there’s some sort of DoT on you, then maybe this is nice.

Imp Swarm (Demonology)
This teaches you an ability to summon 4 imps, which will all deal damage to your target. However, you won’t be able to spawn any new Wild Imps while this is active. (The ones that are already up when you pop them remain though.) It can be nice for when you need extra burst damage. They seem to provide you with Demonic Fury when attacking as well, so with 4 of them, you should get a fair bit while they’re up.

Life Tap
When using Life Tap you no longer lose health, instead you absorb healing done to you for 30 seconds (in my current gear it absorbs 63 230). It can be a nice glyph for not giving your healers a heart attack, but it also means you have to pay a bit more attention to the fight. There are times when you really won’t want to Life Tap, but to be fair that’s the case when it costs health as well. However, it should be noted that when you’re out soloing and maybe not being hit (cause your demon is), it will essentially mean a free Life Tap, since you won’t need heals and it won’t use your health.

Siphon Life
This will make your Immolate heal you for 0.5% of your maximum health when dealing periodic damage.

Soul Consumption
I would say that this is a leveling glyph (or possibly for questing/soloing), since it heals you for 20% of your health when killing something that would give you experience or honour. PvP may also be quite a nice use for this. However, you need to kill them with a specific ability depending on your spec. Affliction – Drain Soul, Destruction – Chaos Bolt or Shadowburn, Demonology – you have to be in Demon Form (Dark Apotheosis seems to count for this as well.)

With this the target you Soulstone will come back to life with 100% health. It’s quite a nice glyph, and if you often find yourself being the person battle rezzing (ie. you have no Druid or DK), it may be well worth it to keep your healers happy in raids.

Unending Resolve
You get a decreased cooldown of 60 seconds on your Unending Resolve, but it will also lower the damage reduction by 20%.

Unstable Affliction (Affliction)
This will cause Unstable Affliction to deal damage to both the target and the person dispelling them, but removes the silence effect. Possibly nice for PvP, but little to no use in PvE. (This glyph is most likely changing in the next patch.)

Which Glyphs Should I Use?

It’s pretty much to each player’s preferences to choose which glyphs to use this expansion. I will list my own choices, but remember that you have to choose what works best for your own play style. Also, it should be noted that at times it can be useful to switch glyphs for specific fights.


Soul Swap
This glyph I chose because I like having my DoTs ticking on both targets, rather than moving them from one to the other. It’s supposed to be a bit of a dps increase as well.

Siphon Life
In a raid setting, I just don’t see there ever being a bad time for a bit of extra healing. We have other people that usually handle our resurrections in combat, or I probably would have switched this for Soulstone. But since it takes me a couple of seconds to resurrect someone, while the other classes do it instantly, we usually have them do it.

Getting more healing out of your healthstone is never a bad idea. If there’s no other glyph that works better for the fight (some are quire situational after all), then this is always a nice go-to glyph.


Destruction doesn’t seem to have many Major glyphs that make a big impact, so I’ve just gone for ones that provide some utility. Should I ever need to Soulstone someone, having them return with full health is usually appreciated.

Siphon Life
In a raid setting, I just don’t see there ever being a bad time for a bit of extra healing.

Getting more healing out of your healthstone is never a bad idea. If there’s no other glyph that works better for the fight (some are quire situational after all), then this is always a nice go-to glyph.


Demon Hunting
While not necessarily very useful in a raid setting, I just love this glyph that turns me into a mini-tank. It’s proven quite fun to have in Scenarios.

Imp Swarm
What can I say? I love having my own little army of imps! Also, it’s nice to be able to time it for a nice little dps increase.

Siphon Life
In a raid setting, I just don’t see there ever being a bad time for a bit of extra healing.

As mentioned before, it’s largely up to you to choose which glyphs you use, and you can even change them depending on the fight. Which glyphs are your favourites?


Warlock Glyphs: Major — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you! I’d been hunting just this kind of “yeah, but what does it bring to your gameplay” commentary on several of the warlock glyphs. Really helpful!

  2. Oh, as for favorites…

    Siphon Life, for sure.
    Soul Shards and Burning Embers, until 5.2.
    Definitely Demon Hunting whenever I’m doing Demonology; alo Demon Training.
    Conflagrate, when I’m doing Destruction.

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