Warlock Glyphs: Minor — 2 Comments

  1. Awesome. I like how you broke it down and vulgarized what these do. Not that they are complicated to understand, but giving an example or opinion helps you situate it! I use Demonic Leap all the time. (Anou may actually over-use it–jumping out of the Lazy Turnip and leaping into the Halfhill Market to buy her seeds.) I had no idea you could put a Demonic Circle with Eye of Kilrogg! Another thing. No matter where I look, I’ve combed my whole spellbook. But I can’t find Health Funnel anywhere in my Demo spec. Am I missing something?

    I cannot WAIT for Blizz to insert any random demon in a dungeon so I can control it. Pleeeeeeease Blizz!! 😀

    Well, for my part, for now, I’m using Falling Meteor, Shadow Bolt and Soulwell. Though the Shadow Bolt may be changing after I’ve read this. 😉

    Thanks Saga!

    • Regarding health funnel, do you have the Soul Link talent? It replaces Health Funnel 🙂 (If not, then I have no idea – because health funnel should be base line for all three specs!)

      And YES! to Blizzard putting a demon in a dungeon for us to control. Pleeeeease!

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