Warlock Glyphs: Minor

Today we will have a look at the Minor glyphs that are available to us. These are mainly cosmetic or fun glyphs, so choosing which ones you use is entirely up to you.

Carrion Swarm (Demonology)
With this glyph your Carrion Swarm will no longer have a knock-back, something that will most likely be appreciated by tanks in instances.

Crimson Banish
This turns your Banish from green to red. Since we’re getting green fire soon, I think we should keep our Banish green!

Enslave Demon
Not much use to this glyph. It reduces the cast time of Enslave Demon by 50%. Maybe if they added a fight where Warlocks had to enslave some big, bad demon? Please Blizzard??

Eye of Kilrogg
This glyph can actually be quite fun. It allows your Eye of Kilrogg to fly around, and seems to let it do so even if you cannot (not indoors though). So if you’re leveling in Pandaria, it can actually help you by flying up hills and placing your Portal.

Falling Meteor (Demonology)
With this you can use Demonic Leap while falling to not die. You still take damage though. If the fall would have killed you, you end up with 1 health. If you time Demonic Leap correctly though, you will take 0 damage even without the glyph. However, this provides you with a bit of a fail-safe if you have high latency, so that if you time it wrong you won’t die. (Just almost!)

Felguard (Demonology)
Make your Felguard look all stylish by giving him different weapons! Do note that it appears that the weapons have to be in your actual Backpack (the original starting one).

Gateway Attunement
This glyph means that your Demonic Gateway will activate when you’re close to it, rather than having you click on it. It could be useful, but I have to admit it makes me worried about getting too close and sent across when I don’t want to be!

Hand of Gul’dan (Demonology)
Allows you to target your Hand of Gul’dan spell where you want it, rather than it hitting your targeted mob.

Health Funnel
This makes you instantly heal your demon for 15% of your health, rather than channeling. However, it gives Health Funnel a 10 second cooldown. To be fair, you could probably heal your demon quicker with Soulburn+Health Funnel as an Affliction Warlock, but it may be nice for the other two specs.

Your Dreadsteed and Felsteed can now run on water! Not only that, but they leave a trail of fire behind them as they do so!

Shadow Bolt (Demonology)
Changes your Shadow Bolt into three smaller bolts. This used to be useful because each bolt had a chance to cause procs. However, it seems these days they don’t seem to proc much more, and there may be other glyphs that are more useful. (It still looks pretty cool though!)

This makes your Soulwell glow with eerie light, as it says. I personally like this glyph because it makes the Soulwell much easier to see and less likely for your raid members to ignore.

Subtlety (Affliction)
Purely cosmetic, since it makes your Soul Shards not show out of combat. Nice for those who may not like the look of them.

Unending Breath
Lets you swim 20% faster with Unending Breath. Always nice, since swimming is soooo boring and slow!

Verdant Spheres (Affliction, Destruction)
Purely cosmetic, changing the looks of your Soul Shards into Verdant Spheres.

Personally I tend to run with Verdant Spheres, Soulwell and Nightmares.

Which minor glyphs are you enjoying the most?


Warlock Glyphs: Minor — 2 Comments

  1. Awesome. I like how you broke it down and vulgarized what these do. Not that they are complicated to understand, but giving an example or opinion helps you situate it! I use Demonic Leap all the time. (Anou may actually over-use it–jumping out of the Lazy Turnip and leaping into the Halfhill Market to buy her seeds.) I had no idea you could put a Demonic Circle with Eye of Kilrogg! Another thing. No matter where I look, I’ve combed my whole spellbook. But I can’t find Health Funnel anywhere in my Demo spec. Am I missing something?

    I cannot WAIT for Blizz to insert any random demon in a dungeon so I can control it. Pleeeeeeease Blizz!! 😀

    Well, for my part, for now, I’m using Falling Meteor, Shadow Bolt and Soulwell. Though the Shadow Bolt may be changing after I’ve read this. 😉

    Thanks Saga!

    • Regarding health funnel, do you have the Soul Link talent? It replaces Health Funnel 🙂 (If not, then I have no idea – because health funnel should be base line for all three specs!)

      And YES! to Blizzard putting a demon in a dungeon for us to control. Pleeeeease!

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