Siege of Orgrimmar Tanking Cheat Sheet (Part 1+2)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve switched to tanking for my guild on my Paladin. We were having a lot of issues finding a second tank that stuck around, and so I kept having to jump on an alt to tank. In the end, I felt that it was just easier to become a tank full time, since I don’t have the time (or energy) to maintain a decent gear level on both my Warlock and a tank. So for now, I’m tanking.

I’m actually quite enjoying tanking. When I first started this blog in Wrath of the Lich King I was tanking for my guild as a Warrior (after having switched to it from my Warlock around Ulduar for the very same reasons that I’m switching now.. maybe I should just give up and always be a tank?). I’ve played every tanking class in the game at one point or another, and it’s a play style that I really enjoy.

However, I have the memory of a goldfish. So when it comes to tactics, I always struggle to remember the small details. Like, do I taunt on three stacks or four? To make things easier for myself, I tend to make a little cheat sheet, where I keep the basics that I need to know for each fight. In case anyone else could find some use in it, I figured I’d post it here as well (with some added notes of course to make it readable by anyone but me!).

Do note, that these are not full tactics! It’s the bare minimum for you to know what you’re going to do as the tank. It might help as a reminder to people who are forgetful, like I am, or as a quick guide if you want to try your hand at tanking in LFR.

Vale of Eternal Sorrows


Stationary boss, don’t run through him – it will hurt you and knock you back!
– Tank the boss facing away from the raid, but make sure that the tanks don’t stand on top of each other since his debuff is put on people in his frontal cone.
– Taunt off the other tank when they get the Corrosive Blast debuff. (And again, make sure not to stand on top of them since then you’ll have it too!)
– In the transition, help kill/stun the little blobs.

The Fallen Protectors

Three bosses; only He Softfoot and Rook Stonetoe need to be tanked. Sun Tenderheart will stay in the middle of the room and cast spells at random raid members.
– If tanking He; move him to the side away from raid. Turn your back to him when he casts Gouge. Move out of poison on ground.
– If tanking Rook; tank him facing away from the raid.
– Pick up Embodied Misery, Gloom, Sorrow when they spawn.
– When Sun casts Dark Meditation, He’s tank can safely go into the bubble for less damage, but He’s should stay out due to the cleave.


– Tank switch the boss to avoid too high stacks of Self Doubt. (We usually do 3 stacks.)
– Tank the big adds that spawn (they ones that move, little ones are stationary), if you’re not tanking boss.
– If your corruption level isn’t full, soak the black orbs left behind when the big adds are spawned.
– Watch out for the big beam that moves around the room (between boss and wall).
– In LFR one tank (usually there’s not time for more) will be pulled into the “test realm”. On normal/heroic your raid leader would assign you and you’d click an orb. While in the test realm there are a few things to look out for; Titanic Smash – move out of it, frontal cone damage, Hurl Corruption – silence/interrupt it, then two attacks that you just have to use cooldowns/mitigation/heals to survive.

Sha of Pride

– Tank the boss the way he’s facing when he spawns (the raid will gather up behind him).
– Unlock the Corrupted Prison to the left of the boss by standing on one of the lit areas. (Tank who’s currently tanking should get the piece closest to the boss).
– Tank switch the moment the other tank gets Wounded Pride (or they’ll build pride). Do note that in LFR this debuff doesn’t exist, so essentially one tank can tank the entire fight. However, one person still needs to stay up front to help with the Corrupted Prison.

Gates of Retribution


The fight will consist of several waves of mobs that need to be tanked before the boss comes. One tank needs to stay down and tank the waves, while the second tank needs to move up into the towers to tank the mini-bosses. One mini-boss per tower, and two mini-bosses that will spawn on the ground. Decide beforehand which tank goes into the towers.
– Tank the waves of mobs in the Blizzard provided by the NPCs for extra damage. Try to interrupt the heals if possible.
– The tank on the ground should pick up the named mini-bosses. Korgra (wave 3), who needs to be moved out of poison clouds that are put down, and Thranok (wave 7) who needs to be tanked facing away from the raid. He will also do an aoe move around him that it’s best to move out of.
– The tower tank needs to enter the tower after the Demolisher has been killed. This will happen twice. First for the tower on your left side, and then another Demolisher before the tower on your right. If you enter the tower before the Demolisher has been killed/destroyed you will take too much damage from its attacks and most likely die.
– In the towers, there’s a mini-boss on the top of each. Just tank them. When they do their big frontal cone type damage (they will run to the middle of the platform and do it), make sure you move behind them/away from it, or you will be knocked off the tower. Krugruk is on the left tower and does Arcing Smash. Dagryn is on the right tower and will do Muzzle Spray.
– Once Galakras itself is grounded, tank him facing away from the raid (away from the docks). The tank not currently tanking should stand to his side as to not get the debuff.
– Taunt off each other at 3 stacks of the debuff. It’s important to remember to move to the side when you get taunted off of!

Iron Juggernaut

– Face him away from the raid. If possible, try to have his back towards a wall or similar that will catch the raid members when he does his knockback.
– Tank switch at 3-4 stacks of Flame Vents. When not tanking, don’t stand in front of him, since you will get the debuff.
– When not tanking, click on the Crawler Mines to disarm them. You will take a fair bit of damage, so be prepared.

Kor’kron Dark Shaman

– Two bosses that have to be taunt switched. You will switch when Froststorm Strike reaches 5 stacks on one tank.
– Lots of AoE being put on the ground by the two bosses; keep moving the bosses out of it (try to stay together).
– When you’re tanking Earthbreaker Haromm, he will gain the ability to cast Ashen Wall later on in the fight. It puts up a very damaging, long line of elementals in front of him. Try to position it so they won’t cut through your entire raid. Then just move away.

General Nazgrim

– Taunt off on 3 stacks of Sundering Blow.
– During Defensive Stance no one should attack, but if you have Sundering Blow on you, you’re free to do so.
– When not tanking, help out the raid with the adds that spawn. Stun/Interrupt them when you can.

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