Falling Behind

Lately we’ve been having some problems with attendance in the guild, and for reasons beyond his control we’re missing one of our tanks. We don’t have a back-up tank (we barely manage to fill our raid team as it is), and so in the past I’ve jumped in on one of my tank characters on the odd occasion when we were missing one. However, one of our tanks has now been gone for a few weeks, and I’m finding myself having to raid on my Brewmaster Monk every raid.

This leaves my Warlock sitting alone and watching from the side lines. She’s been in to Throne of Thunder for the first kill on Jin’rokh, but that’s it. Every time since then, the Monk has had to step in since we’ve been short a tank. The latest bosses we’ve downed, my Warlock wasn’t there for.

I don’t mind jumping in on my tank now and then to help the guild out. If it’s between me tanking or us not raiding at all, naturally I’ll tank. That said, it’s getting a little bit much now that my Monk is actually getting more raid time than my Warlock. This leaves my Warlock behind on gear and progression, which isn’t nice for when she eventually can start raiding again. Because I could never take a piece of gear on an alt over a main character, my Monk isn’t really getting any gear either – and so I have two characters who are falling behind the rest of the raiding team.

Then there’s the question of dailies and Valor capping. Something I honestly don’t have the energy to do on two characters. The pressure I’ve felt (albeit only from myself since no one else expects me to), about this has more or less caused me to panic and in the end not capping on either character instead. Not the best solution!

Sadly there’s not much that can be done about it at this point. We’re not having any luck in recruitment at the moment, and I can’t simply say that I will play my Warlock and only my Warlock. If I do that, then until our second tank returns, there would be no raids. Which simply isn’t acceptable.

And so, at least for now, I am stuck on my Monk tanking. While my Warlock watches from afar.



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  1. That kind of sucks! Especially if the character you’re raiding on isn’t even getting gear. What happens to her when you guys get more progressed and she’s too squishy to help? If she can’t take as many hits, and your warlock can’t hit as hard, both for lack of gear, and yet you’ve been there the entire time, I don’t think I would really be feeling like doing the daily grind, either.

    Of course, I didn’t feel like doing the daily grind even before I started raiding, so don’t take my opinion too much to heart. πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve been really bad with the daily grind lately, I’ll be honest about that *lol* It just gets really boring and tedious after a while.

      We now have a new tank, so hopefully I will get to stick to my Warlock from now on. If we end up in the same situation again though, I think I’ll just switch mains. Because I don’t mind being the tank, but then I want it known that it’s what I’ll play, because switching back and forth is too frustrating and annoying.

  2. Firstly I am happy to see you blogging again!
    We are having tank issues as well. It’s kinda hard and it sucks big time when our raiding takes a dive when we felt things were going so well. I may tank more now I can choose tankgear from my rolls! But it will be slow going… hope it picks up for you soon!

    • I don’t mind tanking per se, but if I am to be the guild’s second tank I’d like to know that’s what I am, so I can focus on one char only. It’s the necessity to keep up to date on two characters that’s killing me.

      Since writing this post though, we’ve had a tank apply, and he seems good. So fingers crossed I can stay Warlock. I did my first raid as a Warlock in months this Wednesday! *lol*

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