My Warlock had something of a… hmm.. an accident. Suddenly she seems to be a gnome. This is something she’s not quite come to terms with yet, and I’m not sure if she ever will.

Post-Accident Démonique

Post-Accident Démonique

I also decided to clean her bank, because it was a right mess. Now I can at least *almost* find the things I’m looking for. One day I may look at cleaning the bank and bags of my other characters as well, but I’m not sure if I have it in me. So. Much. Work.

At least now it's relatively nice and tidy.

At least now it’s relatively nice and tidy.

How do you handle your bags and bank? Are you always keeping it tidy, or do you need to do a big clean eventually like I have to?



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  1. Ugh, bags are a pain!! I have about 4 free spots right now on my bank because I moved a bunch of stuff to void storage!! 🙂 I still have the Hallowed Helm (the headless horseman’s plate helm that emote’s the laugh) in my warlock’s bank thinking he MIGHT be able to transmute it some day.. I recently had a fire sale and threw out all my old Cata PVP gear because I don’t think I’ll be wearing it again; hated the bright yellow look. So not warlock-ish.

    As for quest/rep items?? Do I still keep the Argent Crusade tokens to someday get rep with them? How about that old Karazhan ring?

  2. The 20 Days post we did a while ago shows the dire state of my bags and bank… I’m a classic ‘just incas-er’ who hoardes everthing! Yours look positively empty ^^

  3. I clean my bank when I find I have a ton of similar or same moving items in it. I use my bank for armor and my void for weapons and anything not unique that I won’t want/ cannot mog into.

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