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  1. Ugh, bags are a pain!! I have about 4 free spots right now on my bank because I moved a bunch of stuff to void storage!! 🙂 I still have the Hallowed Helm (the headless horseman’s plate helm that emote’s the laugh) in my warlock’s bank thinking he MIGHT be able to transmute it some day.. I recently had a fire sale and threw out all my old Cata PVP gear because I don’t think I’ll be wearing it again; hated the bright yellow look. So not warlock-ish.

    As for quest/rep items?? Do I still keep the Argent Crusade tokens to someday get rep with them? How about that old Karazhan ring?

  2. The 20 Days post we did a while ago shows the dire state of my bags and bank… I’m a classic ‘just incas-er’ who hoardes everthing! Yours look positively empty ^^

  3. I clean my bank when I find I have a ton of similar or same moving items in it. I use my bank for armor and my void for weapons and anything not unique that I won’t want/ cannot mog into.

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