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I almost got to feel like a celebrity this week when Amijade over at Warlockery posted a questionnaire I filled out for his Warlock Spotlight features. Sadly he captured my armory profile when I was a gnome, but I have only myself to blame!

The Gnome Story

So, yes I was a gnome for a little while. The backstory to this is that my GM is a big fan of gnomes, and always saying that we should have more gnomes in the raid. With the 50% off this past week, I decided to oblige him. I had initially planned to stay gnome until the next time there was a similar offer, but to be fair, I just didn’t feel right as a gnome. My Warlock is a human, and that’s just how it is.

When we kill a new boss, my GM always wants “his gnomes” in front of him on the kill shot. At least he does have this one screenshot to remind him of the time when he had me as an extra gnome in the raid.

Let's play: spot the gnome warlock!

Let’s play: spot the gnome warlock!

Now I’m back as human though, and it just feels right.

I know. I know. Neither do I...

I know. I know. Neither do I…


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