The Blues

No, I’m not talking about the Blizzard blues and all the information currently coming through about patch 5.4, but rather my own feelings in regards to WoW lately. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I don’t feel any particular urge to logon, and raiding is more of a chore than something I do for fun.

It’s not that I dislike the game, because deep inside, I still do like it and want to play. Yet I can’t quite bring myself to do it. There are lots of things I’d like to do (achievements, alts… you name it), but when it all comes down to it, I just don’t do anything. I’ll log on, look around for a little bit and then either log out or tab out and do other things.

The only time I’m actually playing lately seems to be during raids, and I don’t even enjoy it. Now, I couldn’t tell you if it’s because I’m tired of my Warlock – despite loving her, or tired of raiding.

“But, Saga! You’re a Warlock blogger!” you might say. And don’t get me wrong. I love my Warlock. But part of me wonders if I love my Warlock because of her as a character, I know her. She’s been with me since early 2007. That’s a long time. And it’s not impossible that I love her because of the sentimental values, rather than enjoying the class.

Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with the Warlock class. We’re doing fairly competitive dps. Our rotations aren’t bad. We have a lot of buffs. But for me, something is missing. I like doing more than just casting spells and pulling numbers on the dps meter.

The truth is, I quite enjoy tanking. I have done it in the past. In fact, when I started this blog I was a the Warrior tank in my guild. I switched to my Warlock for Cataclysm because I missed her, but eventually ended up tanking in Cataclysm again (though on my Death Knight), since the guild was a tank short. As MoP was coming closer I was having a difficult time choosing between my Death Knight tank or my Warlock. In the end I went with the Warlock, and I guess at this point I’m questioning whether it was the right choice or not.

How do we know if we’re playing something because we enjoy it, or because of the sentimental value?

In MoP my Warlock has had to step aside at one point for a couple of months or so when we were a tank short again. To get us through it I tanked on my Monk, and I was reminded of how much I actually enjoy tanking. Since then, going back to my Warlock has made me feel out of place. When tanking on the Monk I felt out of place because I knew she was only a “stand-in”, and I was worried about getting behind on gear on the Warlock. But going back to my Warlock… I don’t know. Something needs to change, because I’m not enjoying raids anymore.

We have enough tanks now in either case, so we don’t even need one now. Yet, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, I’d be happier – and would enjoy raiding more – if I was a tank. But since we don’t need one, and we do need ranged… I feel rather torn.


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  1. I dunno, that’s kind of how I felt before I decided to quit (in Cata, before coming back to Pandas for a month or two). I only logged on to raid, and it felt like a chore when I did, even though I enjoyed my fellow raiders.

    I still enjoy the idea of WoW, but the reality lost its sparkle.

  2. Funny, I am doing the same thing in reverse. I’ve played my Paladin since 2008, and he’s a tank now. But I’m lusting after raiding on my Warlock.

  3. How sad… I hope you can figure something out! I am just leveling a destro warlock and surprised of how much I am loving it! It’s such a beautiful class, the spells are so awsome and gorgeous… Anyway, best of luck!

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