Twisted Nether Blogcast

This is feeling a little bit crazy, but I’m going to be a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast this weekend! It’ll be the first podcast I’ve ever done, so I’m quite nervous. Heck, I normally don’t even talk on Ventrilo/Teamspeak when around people I don’t know, so it’s definitely going to be interesting. But also lots of fun!

Please feel free to come along and listen, or you can hear it later in the week (if you’re like me – over in Europe!). It’s starting around 8.00 pm Pacific time. For the live one, this should be the link! If you’re listening later on, the one below should work.

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2 Responses to Twisted Nether Blogcast

  1. Navimie says:

    I’m pretty excited for you Saga! Can’t wait :D

  2. Great to hear you on TNB as I now have a new warlock blog to add to my list!

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