Mage Week: Wittle

Laeleiweyn over at World of Lae has been running this fun idea of designating a week to each class in World of Warcraft to show our appreciation of them all. I’m admittedly a little bit late to the party, joining in on week four, where we’re looking at Mages. (I wonder if I could be sneaky and do late posts on the previous three classes?)

So, this week we’re looking at Mages. Those pesky spell casters that never quite made it to becoming a Warlock (since Warlocks are obviously so much better!).

Draenei Mage in Nagrand.

Draenei Mage in Nagrand.

I’ve tried leveling a mage a few times, and eventually got one to max level in The Burning Crusade. First I got a Draenei Mage to 64 or so, but decided I didn’t quite like the casting animation for the Draenei. So I deleted her and created a gnome. I’m not entirely sure what kind of temporary insanity caused that choice, but I’ve stuck with her since then.

My mage is called Wittle, since… well, she’s a gnome and she’s little. In TBC she got to do a fair bit of PvP, because I had fun playing with other guild members. Usually hiding in the towers in AV and blasting people with ice lances. She stayed 70 until I had to level a Mage for my Project Ten, so she’s now sitting nicely at level 85. These days she’s in charge of my bank guild and my fincances. Holding onto all the account bound heirlooms and similar things.

Wittle the Holder of Funds

Wittle the Holder of Funds

Every now and then I consider leveling her to 90, since everyone says Mages are really good this expansion. Please, when are Mages not good? As much as I despise them, since I’m a Warlock at heart, they do often end up in the top on dps. But I get a few quests in… get bored… and send her back to the bank!


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  1. Nice that you’re joining, and of course you can make posts about the other classes that you missed, it’s not sneaky at all. 🙂

    (I can’t believe you deleted a level 64 draenei!!!)

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