I’m Still Here (in between blue screens!)

Apparently time has just flown, and it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted. Oops? Truth is that I’ve not been playing World of Warcraft all that much lately. Partly because I’ve been busy with other things, partly because I’ve been a little bit bored with the game… but mainly because my PC has gone a little bit insane and likes to blue screen about every five minutes. Let’s just say that it doesn’t exactly make for pleasant game play.

My PC doesn’t just blue screen. It acts completely randomly. Sometimes it will blue screen. Other times WoW will crash with the elusive error code #134 or #132. Another time it will just crash Skype. Then we have the odd time when it doesn’t blue screen, but just decides to randomly reboot itself.

I’ve done just about anything I can think of. I’ve run Malwarebytes, anti-virus scanners, Ad-aware… I’ve taken out and re-seated my memory. Removed all the dust in the case, and while I was at it, removed and cleaned out the CPU fan. Eventually I gave up and uninstalled and re-installed WoW. Which made absolutely zero difference. Except that I now seem to be stuck with the US client for some reason (I can tell because the in-game calendar is different, and it gives the randomize option for character names which the EU client never had for some reason).

Oh, and I did a full registry clean. I fully removed and got new drivers for my graphics card. And Direct X. I’ve tried to play in 32 bit, 64 bit.. I’ve tried to play with DirectX 9 instead of 11. All to no avail. My final option at this point seems to do a full re-install of Windows and hope that solves it. Something I’m not looking forward to. I have so much crap stuff on my PC!

All of this has left my playtime rather small, and frustrating. So there’s not been much to write about. I’m planning to do the Windows re-install this weekend, and hopefully that will fix everything. (Please, keep your fingers crossed!) Then I should be back to writing more regularly.. Or as regular as I ever am, at least!

I did get to spend a nice ten days in Spain on holiday where I didn’t have to worry about blue screens though. While I work on some other posts (in the hopes that I can do so before my PC decides to randomly reboot itself), have some photos of said trip! (Since it’s totally WoW related!)

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I’m Still Here (in between blue screens!) — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Saga,
    If I had to guess, I’d suggest that you have a bad or failing memory “chip”. As you have multiple, I’d guess it’s sitting in the #2 slot, where it’s used later on. Game loads and finally reaches that bad memory. Of course after a number of blue screens, you’re probably better off re-installing windows all together.. :-]

    I’d suggest first try replacing your memory, then reloading the OS (I did this on a new hard drive) to see if it resolves your issues.

    Elkagorasa, Grand Master Warlock of IT, level 3

    • Thanks for the tip! Sadly I’ve already done the memory replacing, and it didn’t change anything. Last night I updated my BIOS. If that fails, then this weekend will be OS re-installation time *lol*

      • Good luck. Thinking back, my last series of BSoD came when my video card overheated. I ended up having to replace it with something ‘new’, meaning what was on sale at the local electronics store. 🙂

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