Monday Musings

On my PC

In the end my computer finally seems to have stabilised. What I did? I updated my BIOS. So far that seems to have worked, though I honestly have no idea why. Last night was my first raid night in what seems like forever where I was actually able to play and not crash a single time. So now it’s time to get back to business and catch up to everyone else after all the raids I’ve had to miss.

On Blizzcon

I doubt anyone has missed that Blizzcon was two weeks ago, announcing the next WoW expansion. Warlords of Draenor seems like a lot of fun to me, and I’m actually quite interested in some of the changes.

– Level cap 100
The first time since Wrath, they’re giving us a full 10 new levels to get through. They’re promised that it’s going to feel less like a grind though, and leveling should be more rewarding with more things to do. For me personally, I hope that they change it so that you can level any way you want without feeling penalised. I enjoy leveling, but I want to be able to choose between PvP, dungeons or quests without one being much quicker than the other. At the moment, if you level any way other than quests you’re usually wasting time. Which is a shame.

– One free boost to level 90
If you’re a player returning from not playing for some time, or you have an alt you’ve not quite leveled yet… When buying the expansion you get one free boost of a character to level 90. I think this is a pretty neat idea, especially for people who maybe stopped playing an expansion or two ago and want to be able to jump right back in to play with their friends.

– Draenor is a new continent, with 7 zones (and 1 PvP zone)
Ever wondered what Outland looked like before it was shattered? Well, now you can see it, and it looks gorgeous! I’m quite looking forward to visit Draenor where I can compare the original world to the Outland that we’re used to seeing. Then again, I always love exploring new zones, so every expansion is awesome to me.


– Your own Garrison!
Remember how we asked Blizzard for player housing? Well, this is player housing on steroids. You wanted your own house? Forget that! You’re getting an entire Garrison! It’ll be your own little part of the world where you can place buildings and have NPC followers. I’m very much looking forward to this feature.


– New Character Models
We’re finally getting updated character models for the Vanilla and TBC player characters! I’ve been wanting this for years (along with the majority of the player base), and I’m really excited to see it finally happening. From what we’ve seen so far, the models look absolutely amazing.


There are a lot more changes, some minor some huge that are coming as well. But other sites have already gone through them, so I won’t re-hash them yet another time. In short though, let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to the expansion. So… Blizzard, bring it on!




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  1. I’m also having problems with my computer šŸ™ It’s been a few weeks now and it tends to crash or freeze during loading screens or if I play Hearthstone or flash games. Sometimes the screen flashes to black and then back to normal again. I’ve tried almost everything, nothing helps šŸ™

    • It’s so incredibly frustrating! I tried just about everything, and was quite surprised when updating my BIOS seems to have fixed it. There are still some odd little random things, but WoW no longer crashes randomly and I don’t get blue screens every 5 minutes during raids. So I can’t complain! I really hope you can figure out what’s wrong with yours!

  2. I found your blog from your post on this subject from 2010. It’s great! I’m also excited for the updated character models. With these new models come better animation “rigging” (on par with the Pandaren models). This will pave the way for the Dance Studio we were promised.

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