Account Wide Heirlooms

During Blizzcon, it was announced that in the expansion we will get an heirloom UI where we will gain access to all of our heirlooms across all servers on our accounts. Something which a lot of us have eagerly waited for. I know some people aren’t too bothered about heirlooms, but I’m one of those who find leveling more fun when I feel a tiny touch overpowered.

The expansion is still quite a ways off though, and Blizzard seems to be throwing us a bone in the meanwhile:

In the latest 5.4.2 PTR build, we are testing the new ability to mail account-bound items to other characters on your account that may be on different servers. Notably, this should allow you to move heirlooms between servers, in advance of our planned Warlords changes that will make them fully account-wide.

Sending this sort of mail should work like any cross-server communication: You send the item to “Playername-Servername” and it should otherwise work like regular mail. Note that you can only send account-bound items, and not other items or gold.

Example: I have a character, Thrall, on the Benedictus server. I want to send my heirloom mace to my alt, Durotan, on the Lycanthoth server. I’d log in as Thrall, and attach the mace to a mail addressed to “Durotan-Lycanthoth” and hit send.

We’d appreciate any feedback or bug reports on this new feature so that we can address any issues prior to the release of 5.4.2. But even without direct feedback, just logging into PTR and mailing account-bound items across servers should give us useful data to help confirm that the feature is working as intended. Thanks!

So, we’re going to be able to send heirlooms in the mail to all of our characters across servers. In a way I feel this negates the need of the heirloom UI, but if nothing else, the UI will make things a lot tidier with less stuff in your bags. Not to mention, I imagine it will be easier to know where your heirlooms are at! (Who else has spent like 20 minutes logging on all your characters to find that one heirloom you know that you own, but just can’t quite find?)

That being said, I don’t really want to level anything else until we have the new character models. It would feel pointless, since I know I will want to try the new models out from scratch. You know, the whole procedure of creating a new character from scratch, choosing exactly how you want it to look. There’s just something about that new character smell shine.

My solution? Let’s not wait for the expansion to bring out the new character models. Patch them through as they get finished! If there’s a new model every month or two… Combined with the new heirloom system, that will easily keep me occupied until the expansion is finally here!


Account Wide Heirlooms — 2 Comments

  1. I am looking forward to the UI. Only via addons do I actually have any idea where all my heirlooms sit, sorta. Did I ever get the plate dps/tank chest? /shrug Logon to my dk, check, nope, ok, maybe my bank toon, nope, ok, how about … ah never mind, I have the Justice points, go buy another one. 2 days later I get the mail back from my hunter (returned 30 days from send) with my heirloom chest. 😐

    I am sorta hoping that, like the transmogrification guy taking stuff right out of void storage, that my alts can build outfits from the heirloom UI. No need to check stuff in and out, but simply an extension of the Blizz Outfit UI.

    As for new-character smell… hmm, fresh tauren. Sorta gamey, sorta earthy, sorta soapy clean. At least until you finish that first run from home to the Barrens…

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