Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a second beta key for Hearthstone, Blizzard’s new game. It’s a lot of fun, and something I really am enjoying playing! I especially look forward to being able to play it from my phone when I’m in waiting rooms, bored and similar situations.

In any case, I have this spare beta key – and it seems there are still people out there who are interested in getting one. The most fair way to give it must be to just do a simple giveaway, using a random number generator.

If you want to enter, just leave a comment to this post! That’s it. No need to follow in Twitter, favourite me, retweet me or anything. (Heck, I barely spend time on Twitter.. you’d be bored out of your minds!) For me to be able to contact you, please fill out the e-mail field. If it’s left blank I have no way of sending you your key! Either leave your e-mail in the field when making the comment, or your Twitter tag in the comment itself. The e-mail of course being preferable since only I can see it.

I don’t want the contest to go on forever – so it’s going to be a short one. I will draw a winner in 24 hours. That would be tomorrow, Friday 6 December at 5pm CET. (I believe that is 11am EST or 8am PST.)

Good luck to everyone who’s entering!



How: Write a comment to this post, leave your e-mail address in the required field!
When: Contest ends Friday 6 December 5pm CET (11am EST/8am PST)

Edit: The winner has been e-mailed. Thanks to everyone who participated! 

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82 Responses to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

  1. snaip3ris says:

    Lets try my luck :)

  2. Matthieu says:

    Thanks for the opportunity !

  3. keir kyle says:

    hi :P

  4. Thorvall says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  5. Nathan volker says:

    I hope I win. Been waiting for months. Thank you for the giveaway

  6. Ryscen says:

    will keep trying until i get a key.. goodluck to all

  7. RCube says:

    Oh pleeeaaase :)

    I’ve been looking for one since weeks :/

  8. Gamer4Fun says:

    Good luck everyone :)

  9. Adham says:

    I’ve been trying my luck on so many giveaways, but haven’t received anything for months TT^TT So hopefully my curse will be lifted ;D

  10. Ser says:

    maybe this one will be lucky heh

  11. tim schrack says:

    hey its awesome that there are still people who give things away without wanting something in return. Thanks!

  12. Boris says:

    Getting the key, after months of waiting for the mail from Blizzard would be awesome :)

  13. Peter says:

    Hope get key good luck all! ;)

  14. Nero says:

    I would really like to get this key.
    I’ve been waiting since 2 months and lost nearly 20-30 giveaways.
    If i would win, i would name my first born son Saga :D

  15. Missyl says:

    hey ! Let’s try !

  16. ben ripley-smith says:

    thank you so much it is people like you who put them self out of there way and make some one else happy, thank you

  17. Sumo-Mask says:

    Please, Please let it be me :D I need hearthstone more than I need air.

  18. maciex101 says:

    Thanks in advance!

  19. alice says:

    Oh! Thanks man!

  20. MihaiKo says:

    Hope I win. Best of luck to everyone

  21. Nok says:

    hope for the best

  22. Trollsmash says:

    Hope to get lucky, gl to all :)

  23. benjamin says:


  24. puppyjou says:

    oh thanks man

  25. Dobrycy says:

    Hope i win ;)

  26. Epicpt says:

    I hope win key ^_^. Sorry for my bad english.

  27. Sarriss says:

    Trying my luck, I really want one!

  28. Duke says:

    I need the key pls^^

    gl @ all

  29. Ege Yıldırım says:

    My sister and I waiting for one key for too long. Hope to win :)

  30. NoMoreHeels says:

    Can I win one giveaway out of 92816?
    Good luck guys

  31. SirStriped says:

    Would like to get to play this since my brother got his key awhile ago xD

  32. PandaPanda says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one beta key (:

  33. Kelvin says:

    hello!! =D

  34. LuckyLucke says:

    Ty and good luck! :)

  35. Nef says:

    Let’s see if i finally get one :)

  36. Hawaiian pizza says:

    Hey! I am delicious, choose me and try it! you will not be disappointed.
    thank you for this giveaway.
    see ya!

  37. Johnny says:

    Thank you.

  38. Vetor says:

    I want key

  39. victor f says:

    :D i wannttt one , lets see if i get one

  40. rpt says:

    do. want.

  41. smart says:


    A poem for you:

    How my heart is beating fast
    as i watch the cards go pass
    all the youtube brings me pain
    for what i watch is all in vain
    as i can not play my self
    i cry in my corner as an elf

  42. Alex says:

    I want one :D

  43. ZinxPlays says:

    ooo beta key giveaway that i want!!!

  44. JKL says:

    I like to support boobies. Fight for a -no bra world where boys have to walk around holding girls breasts up! That is my dream

  45. Corinthian says:

    Would like to finally be able to do this

  46. si says:

    thank you =)

  47. Ksx says:


  48. John says:

    Hello! I am trying to get a key since beta released! Hope i will be lucky!
    Thanks! :)

  49. Wolfe says:

    Good Luck to everyone! =D

  50. Chris says:

    Good luck to everyone here!!!

  51. aybars says:

    still need a key after so many contests and giveaways, hope I’m lucky at this one :)

  52. Jasper Fioole says:

    Awesome, thanks for a opportunity to win a beta key.

  53. jim perentidis!! says:


  54. Pottty says:

    Awesome dude, good luck everyone!

  55. sean says:

    Hi thank you for this giveaway
    Very kind :)

    Hope I win for the holidays :)

  56. Toxic says:

    Srry))) Go, im win!)

  57. Veeknox says:

    You’re the best. That’s the spirit of christmas! :)
    I’d really like that key.

  58. chan roonghan says:


  59. PenguPingu says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I dont know what I’m doing
    But I would love to have a HearthStone betakey :3

  60. Beckser says:

    Oh man I tryed so hard to get a key. Made so many raffle´s but was not successful at all! Wish me LUCK this time :D

  61. Alex says:

    Please oh mighty gods of randon give me akey

  62. mie_lena says:

    It would be sooo great

  63. Marvin says:

    Hope I win! hehe. Thanks for the opportunity! The world should have more people like you! HAHAHA! :)

  64. Ruel says:

    cuz it will end world hunger… for a hearthstone key

  65. Lelouch Vi Britania says:

    Hey, i hope im in. Thank you for doing this

  66. DaZeus says:

    Thanks :)

  67. Peter says:

    Keys plz. Ty

  68. hyperionfury says:


  69. Rikard says:

    awesome! first giveaway ever that doesn’t force you to sell yourself on the web :)

  70. Zeus says:

    Worth a shot. looking forward to play it

  71. Cihan says:

    done. I hope I get a key : \

  72. Kabeca says:

    uhul :D

  73. Renato Fugikava says:

    key pliz =D

  74. Empireman says:

    me wants :)

  75. StudentLeiden says:

    Great, hopefully I win :D

  76. Matias Christensen says:

    let this be my lucky day please

  77. JasperIsVlogging says:


  78. dzsooker says:

    you are not prepared