“Chill. It’s LFR.”

Something that really bothers me when I do LFR is the cavalier approach by some people who join. While, yes, LFR is a lot easier than normal, and even flex – but it still requires some amount of attention and a basic level of people filling the role they queued for.

Today I went into LFR, and another member called out a healer who was dps specced. The “healer” of course went with the typical approach of “Chill. It’s LFR”, and then went on to boast about probably doing more dps than everyone else anyway.

Now, while his dps may have been good (it was average, not nearly in the top.. but decent enough for a LFR), the point is not how much dps you’re managing to pull. The point is that you queued as a healer (most likely for the quicker queue time), and then decided not to fill that role. While it may very well be possible to complete a LFR with a healer less, it means that said person is making the assumption that no one else has his or her attitude.

What if all of the queued healers felt that they wanted to dps? We’d be left with a raid with 1-2 healers or possibly none. Because no one wants to take the longer queue that a dps need. And I mean, it’s only LFR. So, chill.

Except of course you can’t really complete LFR with too few healers. Most people who do LFR are most likely there because they need gear, so they may not be awesomely geared and aren’t hitting 100k hps. So having too few healers will cause issues. But chill. It’s just LFR.

I’m not arguing that it’s not possible. But it makes things a lot more difficult. And I’ll be honest, when I do LFR I want things to be as quick and smooth as possible. So… If you want the quicker queue that a healer gets… Heal.


“Chill. It’s LFR.” — 5 Comments

  1. Oooh that happened to me once. They justified it with how I was doing enough healing they didn’t need anyone else so he could DPS if he wanted to.

    I replied that just because I could carry him, it doesn’t mean I was willing to. So we kicked him.


    • That’s the thing I guess.. It’s not about if you can carry them, it’s if you want to put in the extra effort to do so. I kind of enjoy my LFR being a bit easy. My healing gear is quite awful (it’s my third spec *lol*), so I run OOM much too quick if there’s not enough healers around.

  2. I find when I want to DPS, the LFR queue is almost perfectly timed with doing one scenario and one heroic dungeon. Now that I can also queue for all 4 segments of the SoO LFR raid, it’s even faster. Sometimes the queue pops for LFR (usually General Nazgrul fight) before the Dungeon..

    That being said, when queueing on my Disc Priest, I haven’t been too bothered by someone rolling healing is running DPS. Most of the time, the tanks are running normal (or better) raid gear, so they need little to no healing. It just those DPS (who rolled as healers) that are standing in the fire that are the first to die. What?? I don’t know why you didn’t get any heals but splash AOE heals?? Really!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • *lol* I guess that’s one way to do it!

      I normally don’t even bother looking, but it was the attitude when this person was called out on it by another member. If he’d said something like “I think we have enough healing anyway, but if I see that we’re lacking I’ll switch back”, I wouldn’t have had an issue with him. We did do fine without him healing. Despite the tanks not being awesomely geared. (To be fair I was in ToT, and I think it was pretty much filled with poorly geared alts trying to gear up. Whereas I think SoO – LFR probably has more people with better gear.) It’s just the attitude that annoys me, really. Not so much if I can heal through it without them or not ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Agree with you there. LFR seems to be a breeding ground for bad behavior (probably everyone’s biggest complaint). Maybe it’s the low requirements (gear, social skills, etc) for entrance, maybe it’s the anonymous nature of LFR, maybe it’s that the crowd of people playing at that time of day.

        I do find that the “maturity” level increases the later at night it is. More talk of being inebriated, less complaining about under performing players. If I had to guess, mom or dad has already gotten the kids tucked in bed by midnight and now they are playing.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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