The Definition of Free

At Blizzcon I was quite excited about the expansion, and I still am about a lot of the aspects – even if it looks as if we will still be waiting a sweet while for it to go live. (Beta soon, please?) The announcement about the free boost of one character to level 90 didn’t bother me, since I figured it’s something that can be nice for friends coming back to catch up, and not something I particularly need myself. And hey, it was free… So who cares, right?

Then this week the pre-sale of the expansion became available. And they’ve tagged €10 onto the price compared to previous expansions. All other expansions have, to my recollection, cost about the same when first released. Which makes sense considering that we already pay a monthly subscription fee. So it seems a bit odd to me that they say that we’ll get a free boost of one character to level 90, and then increase the price of the expansion. In what world is that free?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m fully aware that €10 isn’t a huge amount for the average gamer. It’s the principle of saying that they’re giving us something free, then increasing the base price so that they can say it’s free – but in a way still charge us for it.

Since I don’t need the character boost, and I am actually quite strapped for cash as someone chronically ill – can I have a version without the boost for the original price? Since it’s obviously not as free as first advertised.

Sorry about the ranting, but it does bother me when companies do things like this. It’s like when stores raise the prices for a couple of months so that they can have “super saver discounts” during their sale – but are basically just selling the stuff at the original price.

If you don’t believe me about the increased cost, I checked my transaction history from when I bought MoP.

The WoD prices on the EU site.

The WoD prices on the EU site.

Regular MoP

Regular MoP

Digital Deluxe of MoP

Digital Deluxe of MoP


The Definition of Free — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, I definitely wonder what their defense is for raising the price of this expansion. Considering I’m thinking about not even buying it (I stopped playing again about a month and a half ago), the extra cost of this expansion compared to others is making that decision even easier to make.

    Get it together, Blizzard, and tell me why this expansion is worth that much more, because getting to 90 really doesn’t take that long anymore. Certainly not $10 worth of my time!

    • Yes, that’s pretty much it. I wish they’d give us a reason for the price increase. If they do, it’s very possible that I’ll go “oh well, that’s fine then”. But with them saying nothing about it, it feels too much like “here, have this free thing, that’ll be 10 bucks, please!”

      It reminds me of a hair dresser we used to have in my town. There were these lottery tickets for 2.50. And a haircut at his would cost 12.50. His ad said something like. “12.50 for a haircut, but pay 15 and you get a lottery ticket for free!” Does no one in this world know how to count?

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