Instant 90?

I’ve not bought the expansion yet, but I’m planning to. One of the decisions I have to make once I do is what to do with my “free” instant level 90. My main server is full, and all characters are level 85+, so using it for any of them seems like a terrible waste. So I’m going to have to start somewhere new…

Most of my friends in WoW have either stopped playing, or are in my guild on my main server. So I’ll have to find somewhere new, or put it on the server where my last friend is playing. (I already have a character there, but I guess another isn’t a bad thing.) This is probably what I’ll end up doing, unless someone has a nice guild somewhere on an EU server that wants social members?!

The second decision will have to be… Which class do I pick??

I already have one of every class in the game at level 85+. So it’s going to be a duplicate in any case. Unless someone is looking for something specific, I’m leaning towards a female Pandaren Warrior. I enjoy Warrior tanking, something I did a lot of in WotLK, and I think the female Pandaren has awesome melee animations.

"I already look awesome, and I'm only level 15!"

“I already look awesome, and I’m only level 15!”


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  1. I haven’t bought the expansion yet either, and I’ve no idea what I should do with my free boost. I don’t want to boost any of my level 85 characters and my main server is full. I might use it on an Alliance character because I don’t have a max level Alliance, only a level 85 mage, and it would be nice to have another because I know a lot of players/bloggers who play Alliance 😀 But, I’m not sure which server or which class… :/

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