The Liebster Awards, Part 2b

To avoid making one massively huge post, I decided to split up my Liebster Award post into four. Part 1 contains the nominations and my eleven random facts, and Part 2 will contain the answers to my questions.

This is Part 2b, where I respond to the questions posed by Erinys over at Harpy’s Nest.


1. What’s your favourite line from a boss fight? Can be from any game with vocal boss mobs.

XT-002 in Ulduar always cracked me up. One of the favourite lines is probably, “I guess it doesn’t bend that way”, which is when a player dies.

2. What’s your comfort food? The one dish which always makes you feel happy and safe when you sit down with it.

I’ve never quite understood the phrase comfort food (unless chocolate counts!), but I’m very, very fond of enchiladas.

3. If you could only have one book, what would it be?

Are you trying to give me nightmares?? Only one book! The horror! The mere thought is too horrible and I refuse to answer!


4. Create a battle pet/non-combat pet for the game of your choice. What would it be and does it already exist in your chosen game world in one form or another?

I’m actually very fond of the little fire kitten in WoW. It was also the first pet that the boyfriend bought for me, so it’s possible that it has some sentimental value.

Kitty cat

5. Dinosaurs or Sharks?

I suddenly envision a Mega-Shark vs Jumbo-Rex movie. If you don’t know Mega-Shark, click here.

Sharks frighten me, but I also find them intruiging. Dinosaurs are only intruiging, but possibly because they don’t exist so I don’t have to feel frightened! Can I choose both? Sharks are basically swimming dinosaurs anyway, right?

6. Favourite NPC in the game of your choice and why are they your favourite, what makes them special?

Hmm… Pretty standard answer I suspect, but I do enjoy Sylvanas and her story. I hope that Blizzard continues it. She’s a very interesting character, and there’s so much you could do with that.

7. From a Lore perspective, what’s your favourite WoW race?

Possibly tying into the previous question, I really like the Undead lore wise. They have “survived” a great ordeal, and keep fighting.

8. Do you play in silence or must you have music on? If the latter what sort of music makes up the soundtrack for your gaming?

If I’m not on Ventrilo/Skype chatting, I always have music on. What I’m listening to varies a lot. It can be anything from an assortment of channels on YouTube to playlists on Spotify.

9. PvP or PvE?

PvE. Definitely. I really enjoy raiding, and doing group content. I used to do PvP back in previous expansions, but it’s gotten less and less. TBC was possibly my biggest PvP expansion, and the only one where I did some proper arena.

10. Best and worst quest in-game?

Such difficult questions! I can’t think of a particular one. I did enjoy the quest line for the legendary staff in Cataclysm. Or the one in Dragonblight back in Wrath, with the epic cut scene. For worst quest… I don’t know. I hate the ones with bad drop rates of quest items in general. Or buggy mechanics.

11. Ignoring WoW, what’s your favourite computer game?

Bah! It had to be computer game… I was going to say Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but obviously that’s not a computer game. Can I still say Zelda? Cause I honestly can’t think of anything for the PC since I’m not playing much at the moment. Maybe Dragon Age.


The Liebster Awards, Part 2b — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, thanks for doing this. But I feel that you haven’t answered Q. 3 and 8 in entirety. I am also a book lover and I can understand one could not live with just one book. But the Questioner and us readers would specifically want to know which one is most favorite.

    Also you mentioned you listen music on YouTube and Spotify, but what’s your taste like? Do you like trance, hip hop, rock,.. Etc.


    • I really don’t have a favourite book though. My bookshelves are full, and there’s not one book that I read more than any other. That said, I used to read a lot of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Also a fair bit of fantasy. I also enjoy romance. Pride & Prejudice is a book I’ve read several times. If I was to pick a favourite book in my bookshelf, it might be my huge Sherlock Holmes book with gilded pages *lol* It’s so pretty! My matching set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is also high up on the list.

      As for music, I listen to so many things… Anything that I consider a good beat/sound, I’ll listen to, and care less about the genre it belongs to. Rock and Hardrock are probably my most common ones though. But I’ll listen to pop and every other genre out there more or less. Except trance or hip hop. I’ve never really been into those.

  2. Grats on the nomination! 🙂 Loving the new theme/layout for the site.

    I would have to agree that picking a single book would be difficult, but based on this audience, I’d probably pick a book that I’d suggest to my readers. 😀

    • Thanks! Glad you like the new theme!

      Suggesting a book is a good… suggestion! Ha! Difficult though… Been reading weird stuff lately *lol* Free books from Kindle doesn’t always make for the best reading material! One book that still stays with me though, since I read it a couple of years ago, is “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult. They made a movie out of it too some years ago, but the book was great. Very sad, but great. I wish I could recommend a WoW book, but I’ve not read any of them!

  3. Have you played either Portal yet? If not, you should! I love them so much.

    Portals and Mass Effects and Dragon Ages. Inquisition in November now!

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