The Liebster Awards, Part 2b — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, thanks for doing this. But I feel that you haven’t answered Q. 3 and 8 in entirety. I am also a book lover and I can understand one could not live with just one book. But the Questioner and us readers would specifically want to know which one is most favorite.

    Also you mentioned you listen music on YouTube and Spotify, but what’s your taste like? Do you like trance, hip hop, rock,.. Etc.


    • I really don’t have a favourite book though. My bookshelves are full, and there’s not one book that I read more than any other. That said, I used to read a lot of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Also a fair bit of fantasy. I also enjoy romance. Pride & Prejudice is a book I’ve read several times. If I was to pick a favourite book in my bookshelf, it might be my huge Sherlock Holmes book with gilded pages *lol* It’s so pretty! My matching set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is also high up on the list.

      As for music, I listen to so many things… Anything that I consider a good beat/sound, I’ll listen to, and care less about the genre it belongs to. Rock and Hardrock are probably my most common ones though. But I’ll listen to pop and every other genre out there more or less. Except trance or hip hop. I’ve never really been into those.

  2. Grats on the nomination! 🙂 Loving the new theme/layout for the site.

    I would have to agree that picking a single book would be difficult, but based on this audience, I’d probably pick a book that I’d suggest to my readers. 😀

    • Thanks! Glad you like the new theme!

      Suggesting a book is a good… suggestion! Ha! Difficult though… Been reading weird stuff lately *lol* Free books from Kindle doesn’t always make for the best reading material! One book that still stays with me though, since I read it a couple of years ago, is “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult. They made a movie out of it too some years ago, but the book was great. Very sad, but great. I wish I could recommend a WoW book, but I’ve not read any of them!

  3. Have you played either Portal yet? If not, you should! I love them so much.

    Portals and Mass Effects and Dragon Ages. Inquisition in November now!

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