The Liebster Awards, Part 1

I’m currently living by the rule of “better late then never”. Ages ago I was nominated for the Liebster award by Erinys, JD Kenada and Amerence. By now it’s made it through most of the blogs I read, so I can’t really do step four sadly.

To keep this post from becoming much too big, I will put it into four posts. This one, plus one each for answering the eleven questions asked by my lovely nominators.

Liebster-award-rules I

 Eleven Random Facts About Me

1. 85% of the furniture in my apartment is bought at IKEA.

2. My cat is called Saga, just like my internet handle. Am I a cat? No.

3. I broke my leg a few years ago. Everyone asked me if I’d been skiing or doing something else fun. No, I’d just slipped on a patch of ice at the gas station. Very boring story about how you broke your leg. Check!

4. My first ever character in WoW was an Undead female Priest. She got stuck at level 16 in Silverpine Forest and I re-rolled a male Undead Rogue. His name was Saint, since he was anything but.

5. My boyfriend lives in another country. Long-distance relationships suck. Fortunately I will be moving next summer (if everything goes according to plan.)

6. When I visited the US many years ago a random guy in a bar proposed to me “because I had such an awesome accent”. Totally legit reason for marriage. (Of course I know he wasn’t serious.)

7. I have a Nobel Peace Prize certificate with my name on it. No, I didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. The UN organisation I worked for did however, and all employees got their own certificate.

8. This isn’t about me really, but almost everyone in the raid team has one – or several – pets named after our GM/Raid Leader. They are named things like AngryRob and RobTripleYelling. I think you get the idea.

9. I write historical romance set during the Regency period in England. If you’re into that kind of thing you can read the first chapter over here.

10. I loved Warlock tanking (think the Leotheras fight in TBC), and I miss it. More Warlock tanking, please!

11. My favourite colour is purple. Now the boyfriend buys me only purple jewelry.


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