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  1. Just finished leveling a druid to 60, so I could use my boost to reach 90. Since then I’ve been trying to gear up for running LFR successfully. It’s been a fun run as it’s only my 3rd max-level toon. Warlock, priest (disc) and druid (guardian); one of each flavor.

    Tried Wildstar beta for about 2 weeks. Never got a single toon above 10, so not a ton of content seen, but it was intriguing. Not enough to pay for it, but fun all the same. Thought there were some good ideas that WoW should implement, and things that WoW does better (IMHO).

    Been looking for a new multi-player FPS. Hoping the Borderlands Pre-Sequel comes out fairly soon, cuz none of my friends that got me playing WoW are playing WoW right now. Would be fun to blow up something together.. 🙂

    • That was my first thought about WildStar; It’s nice, but don’t really want to pay for it. But as I’m reading blogs of people who play, I’m starting to miss it. So I think I may give it a try. A friend of mine has a guest pass, so perfect opportunity to give it another whirl.

      Congratulations on getting the Druid to 90! Your approach of one of each flavour is probably the better way to do it. I tend to level everything, and in return end up bored with the leveling content and the game in general *lol*

  2. Still WoW.
    Haven’t done any heroic SOO raids yet, so are still plenty of bosses to kill.

    Just got Heroes of the Storm invite so I’ll take a look

    I’m not sure the MOBA genre is for me, but Blizzard put their own twist on this one, I hear.

    I tried DOTA2 and it didn’t grab me. With the time and effort I’ve invested into WoW, I want all my other gaming to be hypercasual.

    Will take a look.

    • Glad you’re still having things to do in WoW! 🙂 For me, it’s less so since my guild isn’t a Heroic guild. We’ll do a handful of them usually, but it’s not something we aim to do.

      Never really got into the MOBA genre either, but I’d be interested to hear how you find Heroes of the Storm. For me, I’ll stick to MMOs and maybe Hearthstone 😉

  3. I know how you feel. I don’t play a lot these days either. Been so busy irl lately and the weather is so great so.. I don’t raid either.
    I just log on once in a while to do some BGs or whatever. I play Diablo 3 every now and then.
    Very casual player until WoD 😛

    • I feel like there is just such a long wait until WoD, that I’d rather take it easy for now. It’s nice to have a break and not raid all the way up to the next expansion anyway, or it’s easy to get burnt out. I think that’s my issue at the moment, because we never stopped raiding between Cataclysm and MoP, which makes me feel just tired of the entire thing.

      Enjoy the weather! I’m hoping for a nice, long summer with lots of sun 🙂

    • I wish they’d release character models as they complete them. It would give me a reason to play *lol* Alts would suddenly become a lot more interesting!

    • New models are supposed to go live with 6.0 (if I understand correctly) so it might be sooner than Fall 2014. 🙂 This got me looking into an interesting Transmog for my Druid. Sadly you only see it when she’s not fighting, but great for around town. Maybe it will be like my priest transmog. I worked from the Admiral’s Hat and work down..

      • Very nice transmog 🙂

        I do wonder when 6.0 will be released. Usually just a month or so before the expansion I thought? Right this moment I can’t actually remember the time frame of the previous pre-expansion patches.

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