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  1. Saga,
    A complete rebuild would be ideal. Nothing like flushing several months/years worth of detritus to speed things up. Laptops are notorious for this because they want to monitor everything real-time.Oh, you just plugged in this USB device, let me add some complicated monitoring app that will run all the time, just in case you plug it into your machine again..

    As we’ll be in beta for at least a month, I think there will still be lots to explore when you get back. I tried it the other night and spent hours trying to bypass the EULA boss. You get an invisible mouse pointer and have to scroll down the EULA then click the ACCEPT button. I was finally able to defeat the boss using a bit of a hack to make the mouse pointer visible. Not sure if it will the beta team will change that quest. Hope so.

    • It would take a few days. It takes a lot of bandwidth for OS reinstallation, OS updates, graphics driver updates, downloading WoW, the WoW updates, and the test realm. Also, any WoW add-ons and other pieces of software would need to be reinstalled with the software keys. They usually have updates to download as well.

      It would be worth it, sure, but it takes a long time to get rid of the bloat.

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