The Liebster Awards, Part 2c

To avoid making one massively huge post, I decided to split up my Liebster Award post into four. Part 1 contains the nominations and my eleven random facts, and Part 2 will contain the answers to my questions.

This is Part 2c, where I respond to the questions posed by JD Kenada over at Amateur Azerothian.


1. Presume you blogged regardless.  If it wasn’t a World of Warcraft/MMO’s, what would your blog be about?

Well, I do blog outside of this WoW blog. It’s a personal blog, so it’s about a little bit of everything. Daily life, writing, family etc. You can check it out here.

2. Out of all the Caverns of Time, which one do you enjoy the most?  The least?

I liked the Black Morass the most before they fixed it, because you got to see gnomes drowning in the water, since they were too short to run through it. And I have a long standing feud with gnomes.

In all seriousness though… It’s a difficult question. At the time, I really disliked Stratholme because of the large amounts of RP (which has since been fixed), and buggy Arthas attacking random mobs and slowing you down. Not to mention that the bosses/packs always seemed to spawn as far away from you as possible. At the same time, I loved the lore and story of Stratholme.

Maybe I liked Well of Eternity best. Not so much because of the instance itself, but because we got to see Azshara, and I am a big supporter of getting to see more of her. It’s my hope that she will make it into an expansion as an actual boss. The lore never says she’s killed, so I think it would be awesome to go to Nazjatar and meet her.

3. Is there a class in WoW you just can’t bring yourself to like?

Rogue. I enjoyed it in Vanilla, but since then I just can’t stand to play them for some reason. Compared to the other melee classes, I just don’t enjoy them as much.

4. Are you a board gamer, or a pen & paper gamer…or just video games?

Video games mainly. The only board games I play are things like monopoly and quiz games such as Trivial Pursuit.

5. What would you like to see Blizzard grant the Warcraft license to?

Hmm.. They already made a Warcraft Trivial Pursuit, so there goes my first thought. Warcraft My Little Ponies? *lol* My Little Deathwing! Ha! Sorry, that’s ridiculous, I don’t really want that. I don’t watch MLP. Honestly though, I can’t think of anything.

6. What racial leader would you follow into battle, no questions asked?

None of them, I always ask questions.

7. Many people point to Wrath as the pinnacle of the game.  If you were introducing someone to WoW for the first time, what would you show them outside of that expansion?

The boyfriend says gnomes. Said boyfriend now sleeps on the couch.

To be fair, I usually just run around showing them stuff. Maybe give them a tour of the amazing cities that WoW has to offer.

8. What’s your proudest WoW moment?

Nailing the solo version of the Nexus quite quickly when doing the legendary quest line for Dragonwrath. After having read a lot of accounts where people spent hours upon hours on this encounter, I was amazed to make it through the gauntlet on my second attempt and then only spent a few tries on the boss itself. I guess reading up on stuff really does matter! It helped me understand the fight beforehand and make the necessary preparations. After a few wipes, I figured out how to better my performance by changing some talents.. and voila, dead boss!

I enjoy most of the boss kills with my guild as well, but this one feels special since it was done alone.

9. Gold: Rich beyond words, enough to get by comfortably, or always needing to generate it for repairs?

Enough to get by comfortably. I wanted to be rich beyond words, but I don’t have neither the patience or the time to play the Auction House or farm for hours upon hours.

10. What about Hearthstone?  Yes?  No?  Or the other common answer of “I hate this #&$^ game!”

I enjoy Hearthstone. That being said, I seem to play it a bit randomly. For a period of time I might play it several days in a row, then not touch it for several weeks.

11. If World of Warcraft was gone when you wake up in the morning, what would be your fondest memory?

Meeting my boyfriend through the game.


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