What’s Your Role?

I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy playing most in WoW out of the different roles available to us; healer, dps or tank. The more I think about it, the more I’m realising that I’m enjoying the tank role a little bit more than the others.

Dealing damage is fun, but I get frustrated by the long queues for LFR/dungeons. I love my Warlock, and I will always love her – but she can’t quite fill the role I enjoy. I miss her at times, but every time I play a dps I only have fun for as long as I’m questing or doing other things. If I try to queue for something, I get instantly frustrated. There are times when I think that maybe I should go back to my Warlock for the next expansion… Since she is, after all, my favourite character… But I don’t know.

Healing. I used to enjoy it, and I still do at times. In the later parts of Vanilla and early TBC I played a Priest, and that was quite fun. In Cataclysm I raided on an alt that was a Horde Paladin (holy). While I can heal and it’s somewhat enjoyable… It’s probably the role in WoW that I have the least fun doing. These days, I only ever really play my Priest when healing in battlegrounds.

Tanking is the role that I think I enjoy the most. Sure, it can be stressful and frustrating at times – but I also find it quite rewarding. I enjoy being the first person into a fight, knowing the mechanics and figuring out how best to survive them. The last three expansions I started out raiding on my Warlock, but ended up tanking. Partly because we always seemed to end up a tank short in the guild, but partly also because I quite enjoy it. I’m considering making WoD the first expansion I go into as a tank straight away, rather than having to quickly gear one up when we find ourselves tank-less in the guild.

My raiding history goes something like…
Vanilla – Rogue
Vanilla – Holy Priest
TBC – Shadow Priest, who usually ended up having to go Holy
TBC – Warlock (since no one could make me heal then!)
Wrath – Warlock
Wrath – Prot Warrior (guild was short a tank, so I switched when we were about halfway through Ulduar)
Cata – Warlock (again)
Cata – Death Knight (when we were short a tank, fortunately this time we were already in Dragon Soul)
Cata – Holy Paladin (alt on Horde side, raiding with friend’s guild)
MoP – Warlock (again)
MoP – Prot Paladin (we found ourselves without enough tanks in Throne of Thunder, and I’ve been raiding on her since)

Before the Prot Paladin, I did try Death Knight and Monk as well for tanking. Monk was fun, but somehow felt squishy. I also felt that having two tanks wearing leather wasn’t ideal. (Our other tank is a Druid.) The Death Knight is fun, and I’ve always had fun with her, but we had three other DKs in the raid team as dps, and a fourth (even if tank), really seemed like an overkill in a 10 man team.

I enjoy the Paladin though. There are times when she’s felt a bit squishy as well. Especially compared to the Druid tank that tank with me. Some fights just seem to do a lot of damage to her. Fortunately, of course, she has a fair bit of self-healing and cooldowns to save her.

Having played most tanks in the game at some point, either in the guild’s raid group or by myself in dungeons and LFR – I have to say that I enjoy all of them. Least of all, I probably enjoy Druid. But then I’ve never been able to like the Druid class. I can’t put my finger on why… I just can’t bring myself to like it.

Do you have a role in the game that you enjoy more than the others? Do you play it as your main? Do you play several characters filling this role, or just the one?

My tanks.

My tanks.


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  1. I love doing everything with my hunter!..Everything except raiding. I use my resto shaman for that. Never really cared about topping the dps meters nor min/maxing everything.

    • I used to be very competitive on my Warlock, wanting to be at least in the top few on the dps meters. I think that might be one of the reasons I prefer tanking in raids, since then I can relax my competitive side *lol*

  2. Agreed with you in all. Warlock dps is a lot of fun, but the DPS queue stinks. Now that I am at 11/12 titan runestones, LFR is mandatory. Luckily, you can queue for 4 LFRs at the same time. That has definitely improved the DPS queue times.

    Bear tanking is a ton of fun. Run, growl, stomp, shred.

    As for healing, my disc priest is sort of back to being my bank alt. I haven’t been brave enough to run an LFR with the Vuhdu addon not being supported by the developer (but maybe someone else is taking reins). What I really had fun was healing in 3v3 arena back in Cata.

    • Oh yeah, I noticed that too about being able to queue for more than one. That’s definitely a change for the better! I think I’ve just become spoiled by the shorter tank queues *lol* Anything above 10 minutes is way too long now 😛

    • For the most part, people are pretty accepting to any tank that is willing to jump into an LFR. I’ve had fairly decent experience on my bear as long as I let them know ‘hey, this is my first time here.’. I do watch video guides before running the dungeon. I like Salts Dude videos, for their simplicity and accuracy. In later season raids, he even starts with “for those in queue, don’t stand in fire, tank swap at 4 stacks of __…”

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