What’s Your Role? — 9 Comments

  1. I love doing everything with my hunter!..Everything except raiding. I use my resto shaman for that. Never really cared about topping the dps meters nor min/maxing everything.

    • I used to be very competitive on my Warlock, wanting to be at least in the top few on the dps meters. I think that might be one of the reasons I prefer tanking in raids, since then I can relax my competitive side *lol*

  2. Agreed with you in all. Warlock dps is a lot of fun, but the DPS queue stinks. Now that I am at 11/12 titan runestones, LFR is mandatory. Luckily, you can queue for 4 LFRs at the same time. That has definitely improved the DPS queue times.

    Bear tanking is a ton of fun. Run, growl, stomp, shred.

    As for healing, my disc priest is sort of back to being my bank alt. I haven’t been brave enough to run an LFR with the Vuhdu addon not being supported by the developer (but maybe someone else is taking reins). What I really had fun was healing in 3v3 arena back in Cata.

    • Oh yeah, I noticed that too about being able to queue for more than one. That’s definitely a change for the better! I think I’ve just become spoiled by the shorter tank queues *lol* Anything above 10 minutes is way too long now 😛

    • For the most part, people are pretty accepting to any tank that is willing to jump into an LFR. I’ve had fairly decent experience on my bear as long as I let them know ‘hey, this is my first time here.’. I do watch video guides before running the dungeon. I like Salts Dude videos, for their simplicity and accuracy. In later season raids, he even starts with “for those in queue, don’t stand in fire, tank swap at 4 stacks of __…”

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