Not quite there…

I’ve been spending very little time on the WoD beta to be absolutely honest with you. What little time I’ve spent there have been mainly to check out the garrisons and all of the new character models and their animations.

Most of the stuff looks pretty good. Even if there’s still some work to be done in getting the faces more like their original versions. However, as I was making a clone of my human female Warlock and took her for a spin… I noticed something.

The casting animations for the human female are just… Weird. At least to me. There’s something about the way she sways her hips, and the kickback from firing spells just seems a bit odd. Maybe others like it, but I personally can’t stand looking at it. (Similar to how I can’t stand the wild flailing of the arms of the female worgen when casting.)

What do you think?


Not quite there… — 2 Comments

    • That’s a good point about the imprecise! And I definitely don’t want my Warlock to look like she can barely hit what she’s aiming at 😛

      There’s something about the hip swaying as well. The way she’s moving just looks.. uncomfortable somehow.

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