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I’m not a big PvPer by any standard, but the last few weeks I’ve been doing some battlegrounds on my Hunter, and it’s not been awful. It helps that I’m not doing them alone, but with a friend. I have, however, discovered that BGs are no better for the whining than LFR. So I thought I’d share a few of the recent ones that made me raise an eyebrow.

Event 1

I was in Alterac Valley together with two other people from my guild. As we’re waiting for the game to start we’re being told in the BG-chat that they have a 30-man pre-made group and they want to do tactic X. If you don’t comply with their tactic, you will be kicked from the BG.

Since I enjoy slowing the opposing team in AV by protecting our towers, it’s what I wanted to do this time too. It wasn’t really going to mess with their tactic, their tactic would still work fine without me and the handful of other people who ended up doing other things.

However, since I dared ask them why they were doing their tactic, they ended up kicking me from the BG anyway. My friends never got kicked, despite not following the decreed tactic. So, I guess lesson learned – never speak up?

Still seems unfair that you can be kicked out of a BG when you’re active and killing members of the opposing team. While you can’t be kicked out of a dungeon until X amount of time after being out of combat.

Event 2

We were all standing at the gates waiting for the Gilneas BG to begin. Some random rogue started whining that people with bad gear should be kicked. Excuse me, but where will people get their PvP gear if not in unrated BGs? Ironically, his own gear wasn’t even that good. (Why is that always the case?)

Then when no one kicked anyone, he started warning that if you died more than twice you would be kicked.

Interestingly enough, he barely moved during the entire BG. Whenever I was checking the map he seemed to stand up on the hill between the horde and alliance base camps. I guess he was too good of a player to actually help in the actual battle, and was better at just.. surveying?

Event 3

This happened in the Battle for Gilneas as well. Our side was in a good place, having our first base and the Water Works, while pushing towards the opposing side’s base. My friend and I kept guard at the WW to keep horde from capping it, fighting off anyone coming to try.

Then another person comes along and stays with us. After a little while he whispers me to go help another base. I say that I’m watching WW with my friend, why doesn’t he go himself? He says he dies when doing it. I joke that he’s trying to send me off to my death, to which he just responds that it’s my turn (to die).

A minute or so later we get a larger group incoming trying to attack WW. This same guy just stands there, doesn’t even help fight them. So, I guess he just wanted me to leave so he could go AFK without anyone noticing?

Do you have any funny stories from BGs? Or dungeons/LFR for that matter!


PvP Stories — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my, such funny stories Saga! That second one is so common and OMG a rogue – do I see a pattern here? 😀 If there is whining in a BG, 80% of the time it’s a rogue or a hunter (in my experience).

    That first one is a bit poopy – I’ve never had that happen to me. Nor the third one.

    But I will tell you this – have you noticed that chances are, the person with the lowest health in the group somehow always manages to grab the flag in WSG or Twin Peaks? 😀

    • I definitely sense a pattern 😉

      It’s funny that you mention the lowest health person grabbing the flag *lol* My friend and I was playing yesterday, and his was on his brand new rogue. Grabbing the flag *lol* In his defense, no one else seemed to be going for it – and he *really* wanted to try out that overpowered running that rogues do! We still won! So I think we can forgive him 😛 (this time!)

  2. Yeah, I’ve had a few instances playing as my healer where you get another player who simply has me on-follow. Oh, I see how it is.. Die intentionally (jump off cliff by lumbermill?) and watch them respawn at the graveyard and never leave.

    I’ve had a co-worker tell me that she loves going out as shadow priest, then climbing up above the mine, turn on levitate and float out over the flag, then bombarding people who come to claim it.

    Sigh, now I want to run some BGs.

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