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  1. Oh my, such funny stories Saga! That second one is so common and OMG a rogue – do I see a pattern here? 😀 If there is whining in a BG, 80% of the time it’s a rogue or a hunter (in my experience).

    That first one is a bit poopy – I’ve never had that happen to me. Nor the third one.

    But I will tell you this – have you noticed that chances are, the person with the lowest health in the group somehow always manages to grab the flag in WSG or Twin Peaks? 😀

    • I definitely sense a pattern 😉

      It’s funny that you mention the lowest health person grabbing the flag *lol* My friend and I was playing yesterday, and his was on his brand new rogue. Grabbing the flag *lol* In his defense, no one else seemed to be going for it – and he *really* wanted to try out that overpowered running that rogues do! We still won! So I think we can forgive him 😛 (this time!)

  2. Yeah, I’ve had a few instances playing as my healer where you get another player who simply has me on-follow. Oh, I see how it is.. Die intentionally (jump off cliff by lumbermill?) and watch them respawn at the graveyard and never leave.

    I’ve had a co-worker tell me that she loves going out as shadow priest, then climbing up above the mine, turn on levitate and float out over the flag, then bombarding people who come to claim it.

    Sigh, now I want to run some BGs.

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