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  1. Me and Mrs G learned long ago to check network connectivity options before anything else. I mean, ANYTHING. Because, priorities.

    (Granted ours are not everybody else’s, though if I had the option to live in the country and do my job, I’d take it in a hot minute even if it killed my internetting for good.)

    There used to be a company that offered satellite internet. Maybe Dish, maybe one of their competitors, can’t remember clearly. But that might be an option for you. I know one of my guild’s raiders used it, though it was fairly laggy. Still, he tanked like friggin’ Spartacus on that connection, so there’s that.

    • In my country I’ve never heard of internet connectivity being an issue before, so it wasn’t something we even thought about. The worst case scenario we’ve ever encountered is that “all” you could get was ADSL through the phone lines. So it wasn’t something we even considered to be a possible issue. It’s the first time I’ve ever encountered this issue, or heard about this issue. They just ran out of slots in the network station apparently.

      I can’t find anyone here that does satellite internet anymore, but I managed to find some mobile connection that’s awful – but at least it gets me online. Even if my ms ranges from 150 – 4000 *lol*

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