More Casual Than Intended

It’s been several months since I last wrote here, and Warlords of Draenor launched with a bang. Due to my slow internet connection, I haven’t been able to take part of it as much as I would have liked. Some days I can play decently, and I get a few things done – but other days I have such severe lag that I can barely get my followers sent out on missions.

I used to long for a WoW break, or more specifically, a raid break. This has been much longer than anything I had ever planned though, and I’m finding that I quite miss raiding. On occasion, my connection will hold up decently and I can raid for a bit. Rarely a full raid. It’s an odd, spikey connection and I can be fine one boss, then lag out during the next (or even worse, halfway through).

So far, this expansion – I’ve been there for maybe two or three first kills. The number of raids I’ve joined probably barely hits double digits. It’s frustrating. From having been one of the more reliable raiders in my guild, I am now barely more than a casual player. It’s an odd feeling.

When I do join raids I feel guilty, and worry that I’m bringing them down – since my gear (obviously) isn’t quite up to par. I’m between 10-15 ilevels behind everyone else. It’s a frustrating feeling not being able to keep up. Since some weeks my connection isn’t playing nicely at all, there are weeks I can’t even get into LFR – which means I’m still collecting Abrogator Stones for the legendary quest.

I do miss raiding, and I hope that I can soon start playing more properly again. However, we’re having little luck with our internet. This area is supposed to be getting fiber, but there have been delay after delay. At the same time, the fact that fiber is in the works means that no ADSL company is willing to sort anything out, since they know it will soon be pointless. If nothing else, I should have decent internet in the summer when I move again. It just seems very far away at times.

Oh, the joy of mobile internet.

Oh, the joy of mobile internet.

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