Guild Woes

If I read back through my blog I always come across several posts regarding issues with my guild and attendance and/or recruitment.

There are so many guilds out there these days, and I swear I see a message in Trade chat nearly every day about a “newly started raiding guild”. I can’t help but wonder where they find the people? Or do they all have the same issues that we do? If there are a lot of small guilds struggling out there, wouldn’t it make more sense to have fewer – bigger – guilds instead?

What is it that makes people decide to start their own guild instead of joining one of the ones already existing. Is it the need to be your own leader? Do none of the other guilds fit what you’re looking for?

As you may have gathered by now, I’m having problems filling the raiding roster in my guild (again!). Finding recruits is difficult at any time, but at this point in the expansion, possibly even harder. It doesn’t help that we’re not a high progression guild, but quite casual. Our progress is even worse than it have been in the past. Partly, I think, due to me and the GM having been around a bit less this expansion.

I spent the first eight months of WoD unable to raid, since I had no proper internet connection. And our GM was working like crazy having little time to be online outside of raids.

We can’t fix that though. We’re both on more now, but the progress doesn’t magically fix itself. To progress we need people to be online, willing and ready to raid. And that’s where we’re currently falling short.

Since October, we’ve barely raided. My GM was moving houses, and I was moving countries – so we had about three weeks when neither of us were online – and no raids happened during that time, apparently. Since then, we’ve barely been able to get enough people to get a raid going. Which means we have had zero progress for months now.

We’re only about halfway through Heroic HFC, and I just don’t think a lot of people are looking for a guild with that kind of progress. But I’m also not willing to give up. So I will continue trying to recruit, trying to get our current members to come online… And maybe… Maybe we can get this ball rolling again.

So, as a side note – if you’re in the EU and want to join a guild that’s halfway through Heroic HFC, you know where to find me!


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  1. well well well…

    why build up a guild, for me was that i need some specific time to ba able to raid. This and because i was officir in my guild and then some discussion destroy the climax.
    So we try to build a new guild. Later i move in different guild but night time guild usually stand for short time unless they are able to get good progression.
    I stop playing wow after i get the level 100 cause of bor of my last kid, not enugth time and i was too tired to play after 12:00.
    I try to find another guild later but all night raiding guild want somene geared and i clearly not. So i can say that up to now i quit.
    Recently i start considering getting back but i dind’t the first step to find a guild where to play. There is nothing most annoying than play a mmo alone 😛

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