Guild Woes — 1 Comment

  1. well well well…

    why build up a guild, for me was that i need some specific time to ba able to raid. This and because i was officir in my guild and then some discussion destroy the climax.
    So we try to build a new guild. Later i move in different guild but night time guild usually stand for short time unless they are able to get good progression.
    I stop playing wow after i get the level 100 cause of bor of my last kid, not enugth time and i was too tired to play after 12:00.
    I try to find another guild later but all night raiding guild want somene geared and i clearly not. So i can say that up to now i quit.
    Recently i start considering getting back but i dind’t the first step to find a guild where to play. There is nothing most annoying than play a mmo alone 😛

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