Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone.

This is a little postcard I made for my guild, featuring the main raiders of our group. Unfortunately I was having some issues with WoW Modelviewer, and none of the emotes worked – as well as any sit/sleep etc. So I was quite limited in the things I could make the characters do. Still, it didn’t turn out too horrible. (If one looks closely you can see lots of little problem areas though, since I’m no photoshop wiz… But at least I had fun!)



Merry Christmas — 8 Comments

  1. Marry Xmas and happy new year also to you. 🙂

    Nice pic 🙂 but why the santa close to the tree is sniffing his armpit?!?!? 🙂

    • *lol* I never considered that it looks like that. If you check his hand though, he’s holding the star (Christmas topper) and is about to put it on the tree 😉

      • huuuu alliance… i don’t think that i can survive as alliance 😛

        Evening it’s too early for me, after 10, 10:30 will be perfect. 🙁

        • Haha no worries – I know people are quite attached to their factions. I play horde on a friend’s server, but that’s just a social guild with no raiding 🙂

          • where? not sure that i will restart but could be an idea starting from a not raiding guild 🙂

          • Sorry for late reply! I don’t play a lot there, and fair warning, there’s mostly Swedish people in the guild *lol* So you may prefer somewhere else. In either case, I’m on the Vek’nilash server with my hordes.

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