This blog is no more (obsolete post imported from old blog) — 11 Comments

  1. Hey, still here 🙂 keeping an eye time by time and at battletag… maybe next time that i will CU online I’ll write you just to say Hello! 🙂

  2. I do in fact still have this on my blog roll! If you check on my blog it’s even still on my recommended blogs list, but I guess that’s going to have to change then :/ Sad to see you go, but I know how it can be.

    • I struggle to update everything and getting enough time to play, so as much as I am tempted to start blogging about WoW again I don’t think it will happen. I doubt anyone would want to read about my full two hours a week or something that I manage to play anyway 😀

  3. Hi dear, I miss you. I never took you off on my blogroll. Its been there since years ago. I took a damn long break and now I am back. I was actually encouraging the old bloggers to come back and to also bringing back Blog Azeroth. Anyway, Hope you dont give up! there so much to do in Legion and Im sure you will talk about it i hope. Take care hon!

      • hEY GRIM! Thanks hon! looking forward to read your comments/thoughts haha! Take care! Noted for some reason I thought I already followed you too anyway just did! Take care Grim!

    • I know, there used to be so many of us! Now there’s very few. I miss blogging about WoW, but I play very little at the moment due to my work schedule and keeping two blogs updated is a lot of work. It’s definitely tempting though!

      Glad to hear you’re back, I bet you’re enjoying Legion. There’s so much to do. With my limited time lately I feel very behind this whole expansion, which in a way is quite stressful *lol* But it’s a good expansion, I can’t really complain!

      • Limited time is better than no time if you love the game. I regret not coming back sooner actually. But Legion was a good expansion to come back to I must say. Anyway, Ill be glad too and trying to bring back the old bloggers to BLOG AGAIN wahahaha! =)

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