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  1. Ever since the druid models got a WotLK update to look absolutely sexy, the Night Elf and Tauren models seem to look outdated in comparison. I gain more polygons and textures when I’m in a feral form than caster form.

    A more detailed face and less blocky ears on the Night Elf females would be a nice change. Night Elf males are just…I don’t know. They seem to be really far down the ugly list and the opposite of what elves are usually considered (graceful comes to mind).

    Oh and more detail in our chest bouncing animation wouldn’t be bad *grin*

    • I generally always loved elves in anything I played/read. In WoW I think their faces are ok (but definitely in need of an upgrade), but I find their waist/hips really odd looking. There are no curves, just… odd angles.

      Speaking of chest bouncing.. I have nothing against that, but I still wonder how they can bounce while I’m wearing plate armour πŸ˜›

  2. Sorry for the double comment, but I just clicked on the link to check out the other models. DEAR ELUNE Ysera is amazing. That. Yes, that. I want that. Minus the horns but with chest bounce. Do want!

    Nothing wrong with a girl admiring her own chest bounce…with more polygons πŸ˜€

    • I know! It’s like – why can’t night elves look like that? The body is just a lot less blocky and just actually looks like a body. I love her purple skin colour too – it’s much better than the purple ones you can currently choose.

  3. I’d just love more choices, hairstyles, faces, the lot. Compared to the Draenei/Bloodelves, the existing races do look pretty bad so they are going to look even worse when the new ones get added. I noticed my gnome warrior looks really blocky in places.

    Garrosh definitely looks like “Me Smash now”. It’s kinda cute that he’s wearing pants stitched together badly though. Although looking at the size of him, maybe clothes just don’t come in his size and he has to “adapt”.

    • Oh yes please, I want a lot more hairstyles and faces. I hope as a human I can at least get SOME of the ones the new goblins are getting, cause they look absolutely awesome! Skull hairclip? Oh yes please!

      And Garrosh is just.. odd. Have you noticed that his lower arms are bigger than his thighs? I can only assume he forgot to work out the thights at the gym!

    • I agree. There’s only a few faces of each race I’d like playing. Some races only have 1 or possibly 2 that seem decent, I wish there were more options.

  4. I’m really surprised that total player model remakes are not going to be included in Cataclysm. It really is needed, and the original races just aren’t going to look great compared to Belfs, Draenei, Worgen and Goblins.

    If you parallel with the Everquest expansions (which I often do, 1st expansion=exotic continent, 2nd=frozen continent etc) all players got a free model makeover in the 3rd expansion. It was a great move that helped inject new lifeblood into our avatars. The timing on that just makes sense to me. I guess Blizzard decided they could devote the time elsewhere.

    • While I can understand them devoting time elsewhere I think they over-look how very devoted *we* are to our avatars. I can’t believe that the NPCs are looking that much better than our actual player toons. It doesn’t seem fair. Especially in Cataclysm when you get the new races. You’ll be on your character selection screen and go through the choices for say a Goblin.. then switch back to a Tauren and realise that you have a total of 4 different faces to choose from. Whoop-di-doo. And the graphics themselves being so different.

      I want my characters to look smashing, and I’m annoyed that Blizzard won’t give it to me *lol*

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