I’m in Beta!

Yep, you heard me! I was really lucky and got a Beta key. Sadly it’s on a “spare” account I have so I have to make use with pre-made characters rather than transferring my own, but hey – at least it’s Beta, right?

Since I know not everyone wants spoilers I will put posts that are about my Beta experiences with a title that starts with “Cataclysm:”, that way you know that if you don’t want any spoilers you can disregard those posts. However, I won’t be giving big lore spoilers I imagine. I’m more interested in the starting experience for the races in the new starting areas and how the land has changed. But if you wanna be certain, don’t read anything that starts with “Cataclysm:” in the title.

I only got it last night and haven’t had time to do much, but I can show you (spoiler free) what my experience is currently:

Cataclysm Beta Experience

Yep, that pretty much sums it up so far. I tried a Worgen.. managed to get to level 5 before it started giving me those error and eventually not even letting me log back in. I also tried a couple of pre-made characters. You start right outside of Stormwind when you do.. and I managed to make it to the gates before it first crashed. Got back in, got to the market square.. and now it wont’ let me back in without crashing.

Tried a few more and it just keeps crashing. I hope it will let up cause at the moment it’s maybe 1 minute game play and then 3 minutes to reboot and get back inside. Anyone else had these problems? Is there anything that can be done to – not fix it, I understand that’s not possible, but at least make it happen a little bit less.


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  1. Gratz Saga.

    That has been pretty much my experience too. I can’t make a worgen at all without it crashing and I can design a golin but it won’t make it for me.

    I did manage to fly over SW once, but have not really got any further. I’ve lost my enthusiasm for it a bit 🙁

    • I read about a fix which I will be trying tonight when I get home, if it works I will write it down here on the blog for others. Currently I can’t even login to some characters because it crashes. I can take about two steps on any character before another crash, so I don’t get much done at all really. Here’s to hoping that the fix will work /fingers crossed.

    • Oh, I forgot to say.. Goblins are currently disabled in the Beta because they’re so bugged. That’s why you can’t make it. Hopefully they will fix it soon. It had something to do with the goblins being so bugged that people couldn’t play them anyway.

  2. Don’t lose faith. It’s beta, not public test realm. The best thing you can do (and that is the point of beta after all) is to feed back all the information about crashes and bugs to Blizzard.

    • My biggest problem at the moment is that I don’t have much feedback to give because the game does the same error/crash every time (the one in the image). I never get to play more than 2 minutes at a time (and that’s on a good run!). Most characters let me walk two steps before it crashes, and I can’t even logon to half of them anymore because it gives me the error immediately. But I’m hoping the fix I’m trying tonight will work, if not I’m not sure what to do since there’s not much feedback to give if I can’t get into the game 😛

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