Cataclysm: Starting a Worgen

First off, my client no longer crashes every 2 minutes. Whether this is because I applied a fix or because there was a new patch, I don’t know. If you’re still having problems, you can try what I did – which basically was to uninstall the client and download the enUS version. For some reason the enGB version seems to be a lot more bugged and crash-happy than the enUS one. So if you’re running the GB version and still crashing a lot, give it a try with the US one.

Now, as I’m finally able to play a little longer than two minutes I decided to start my project of checking out every starter zone for all the races. I love the starting experience and I’m curious to see how it’s been changed. Since Worgens are new and shiny (well, hairy at least) I decided to start with them.

I’m not going to go into detail quest by quest or anything, there are plenty of other places that do that. I just want to give my general impression of each starting experience and how it seems.

So, introducing my now level 11 Worgen Hunter: Rhobin (and his precious side-kick.. eh.. pet.. Chuckles)

Rhobin the Worgen

Their zone – as I’m sure you’ve heard and seen in screenshots – is lovely and dark, filled with despair. The architecture is Victorian and the men all wear top hats (okay, not all – but a large majority!). I love the women’s looks as well though and I’d love one of their hats for my own humans.

Anyway, the whole starting experience is rather pleasant – while slightly bugged in places – and the quests are a lot more diverse than what we’re used to. It’s not all go here and kill X amount of this, but there’s quite a variety. Sure, you still get quests to kill things or pick things up.. but you also get quests where you get to ride around on a horse and piss worgens off by tossing a torch at them.. or having yourself catapulted on top of a Forsaken ship. How cool is that, really?

I liked the fact that you get a bag within the first five quests, and it even auto-equips! You get another bag before level 10 as well – so by the time you’re level 10 you actually have two extra bags already.

The atmosphere is great and it follows a pretty worked-out storyline. You start out as a non-worgen helping the town out against invaders and end up becoming one yourself. Around level 10 you will get around to the quests that teach you more about the worgen heritage and history – which is pretty interesting if you’re into the lore behind things.

Around level 6-8 you get to the areas where thing are starting to phase quite obviously. You’re in a basement turning in a quest when the world literally shakes beneath your feet and as you come back outside the ocean has swallowed up the area where you were questing just a moment ago. It’s pretty neat, and I like how the phasing works – somehow it feels like it gives more life to the story.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the Worgen experience. Compared to the old starting areas from previous expansions you can tell that the game has really come a lot further with what it can do, and also putting more work into the starting areas.

Some random thoughts after playing a Worgen:

– The racial trait isn’t 1% increased damage as was originally said, it’s 1% increased critical rating

– Their casting animation when casting Hearthstone is way too.. wobbly.. while you’re standing there casting it looks like you’re about to lose your balance

– Some re-spawn rates of mobs are over the top and you’ll suddenly find yourself over-run and killed.

– Two Forms (the worgen racial that allows you to switch back to human forms) at level 10 is kind of bugged (image in gallery)

– I’m disappointed that when you use your racial sprint you’re actually doing just that, sprinting. Would have been much more cool if they’d get down on all fours to run faster instead of just normal running.

Below is a gallery of screenshots from my Worgen experience, if you click on them you’ll see them bigger with comments 🙂


Cataclysm: Starting a Worgen — 6 Comments

  1. The coach is amazing, wouldn’t they make awesome mounts. That two forms picture is enough to give you nightmares though.

    Love the mastiff pet, less sure about the Worgen model. It still looks a bit ratty to me.

    • I didn’t want to go into the looks in this post, I might do another one with Worgen and Goblins because I have some thoughts on both of their looks (not entirely positive tbh). So I can see your point.

      The coach does indeed look awesome, and the whole ride felt really cool – like an old English movie.. a carriage ride through the hills in the rain.. with little Chuckles running behind.

      And yes, the Two Forms scary face is just… scary. I rather quickly changed back to Worgen form *lol*

  2. Nice post 🙂
    I must say that when it comes to the forsaken ships, I’d expect a bit more from Blizz. These are basically human ships with purple sails and a skull at the front :]

    In the worgen form, can you tell a male from a female or do they look the same?
    Oh, and are there new hairstyles, hair colors, faces etc. for the old races? And did Blizz upgrade the detail level of characters?

    • At the moment the female worgens aren’t even enabled in the game, all we have are the male. When we do get the females though – they will look different (there are some NPCs in game at least).

      No new detail upgrades to old races 🙁 I was really hoping that they would.

      The barbershop was disabled last time I checked, so couldn’t see if there were new hairstyles. I keep hoping that they will add some, but I’m not sure they will. If they do I’ll write about it of course – I love hairstyles 😛

      And I agree on the Forsaken ships.. they could have done something more to them. But at the same time I guess the Forsaken were once humans and they have a lot of their animations and architecture still. But a little more of a change than a skull on the sails would have been nice. The ripped sails of the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Carribean comes to mind 😛

        • They haven’t added any to the creation screen, so if they are adding some they’ll be in the barbershop I guess. (Since currently some of the “new” hairdos are there, and not on the creation screen.)

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