Cataclysm: Night Elf Starting Zone — 10 Comments

  1. I like the change of flying down the tree too. Only time it’s a pain is when you decide to use your flying mount to go up, seems like it takes ages!

    I’m really hoping for same faction races changes so I can swap my human mage for a nelf one!

    Slighty OT this post: The problems I had with the client crashes were solved by turning the sound off, so if it comes back, might be worth trying.

    • That’s interesting about the sound. So far using the US client I’ve not had any problems at all really *knock on wood*

      I think same-faction changes will be possible on release, the only ones being unavailable at first being worgen and goblin. But from what I understand night elf mage, human hunter etc. will be available from the start. There was even some talk about them becoming available at the pre-release patch.

      I haven’t used my flying mount to get up or down, but I can imagine it would take quite a while *lol* It’s a really big tree!

  2. Great post as always! 😀 I am always fantastically happy when I color coordinate!
    The fp by the tree is a neat addition! When I played Ally I was always disappointed in the lack of information and such about the trees- which made me appreciate the raids in BC- but still while your leveling it would have been more fun to learn about.

    • With the addition of the Shades of the Kaldorei to the moonwell quests you’re getting quite the history lesson now, which is quite neat. I always loved the lore behind the game 🙂

  3. There’s also a glitch in the Cat Hair that drops from every cat you kill in the starter zone which sells for 7s 33c each and stacks to 20. I reported it yesterday because surely it’s wrong, but I leveled two hunters there just to check my numbers for sure, and one of them left the area with just over 1g and the other I intentionally farmed the cats on for almost 15 minutes and left with over 4g.

    I’m sure it won’t make it live, but just in case it does – night elves get to start off rich. 😉

    • That’s interesting.. I didn’t pay attention to that at all, I only killed the few cats I had to. But I did notice that you have more money in general at the low levels now. I could actually afford all of my new spells and skills! On live that’s usually a hassle at lower levels. Might be because low level quests now give a few copper as well as experience though, since currently they only give rewards/experience, no money.. until you get a bit higher.

  4. I have just returned to WoW after a short break from it and I started a new Hunter. I do like how the quests are more streamlined however is it just me or are there many less quests than before? Hope I have not missed them some how. Also I don’t remember having a mount at the begining of the game 😛

    • I think there’s a similar amount of quests, but they’re much more streamlined so they don’t seem as tedious. There’s less of the kill X of that thing, and more interactive quests.

      Level 20 is the new 40 for mounts 😛

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