Cataclysm: Night Elf Starting Zone

I’m working my way through all of the starting areas for every race in WoW to see how they’ve changed in Cataclysm. If you want no spoilers at all I suggest you don’t read – but I won’t be giving any major lore spoilers.

Next in line after my Worgen I had intented to start the Goblin experience, but my Goblin is stuck on a quest she can’t complete and hence I’ve had to abandon her for the time being. So I’ve skipped ahead to the Night Elves. While at it, I figured I’d try the new Night Elf class; Mage. So, here I’m introducing you to my new Night Elf Mage, Meganira.

Yes, I'm colour co-ordinated. I'm THAT awesome!

As various sites have already mentioned the introduction cinematics for the races all have a new voice over-lay with updated information, so also for the Night Elves. As you start your new Night Elf though I have to admit that Teldrassil is pretty much untouched by the cataclysm. Maybe it’s because it’s a huge tree, I don’t know – but I was still a little bit disappointed that it didn’t even seem to have lost a branch somewhere (unless I’ve completely missed it).

The biggest difference really is the fact that, you know, you can now be a Night Elf Mage.

What they have done is stream-lined the quests, which I’m a big fan of and I’m glad that they did it. There’s a lot less running back and forth to first talk to this person and that, only to finally get a quest to actually do something. Most of the quests are the same as before, though the quest givers may have changed location slightly (very slightly). The one big difference being a new quest which will award you your first 6-slot bag.

As I was playing a Mage I noticed a couple of changes to the class. First of all, Arcane Missiles is now a proc and you get it at level 3. When I got it I was a little hesitant, but it ends up being quite a bit of fun. It makes the Mage gameplay much more interactive than the old spamming of fireballs. It also introduced me to my first look of the new built-in poweraura system, and it’s pretty.

Arcane Missiles proc

Since the zone has barely changed I don’t have much to say about it, really. There did seem to be an addition of a bunch of Wounded Sentinels around the tree in the starting area, but unless I missed it there’s no explanation to why they are wounded or any quest to aid them.

They did however add a small change when you do your quest to fill a phial with water from the Moonwell. As you reach it a Shade of the Kaldorei appears and gives you a small history lesson of your race. This then continues as you reach the other Moonwells in the line of quests, which is a nice addition.

Other than that, the Night Elf experience is very much the same way it’s always been – only now with mages!

NElf with a fireball.. feels weird..

As you reach the next town, Dolanaar, you also get your first flight path. Now, I don’t know if it’s intended or a bug – but your flight path is already connected to Darnassus, Rut’Theran Village and the new town in Darkshore. Which means a lot less running. Now, another really neat thing (in my opinion) is that when you fly to Rut’Theran you actually fly all the way down the Teldrassil tree. It’s much more cool than just going through a portal!

Going down the tree.. lalalallala

Hmm.. I'm pretty sure there used to be a dock and a flight path here..


Cataclysm: Night Elf Starting Zone — 10 Comments

  1. I like the change of flying down the tree too. Only time it’s a pain is when you decide to use your flying mount to go up, seems like it takes ages!

    I’m really hoping for same faction races changes so I can swap my human mage for a nelf one!

    Slighty OT this post: The problems I had with the client crashes were solved by turning the sound off, so if it comes back, might be worth trying.

    • That’s interesting about the sound. So far using the US client I’ve not had any problems at all really *knock on wood*

      I think same-faction changes will be possible on release, the only ones being unavailable at first being worgen and goblin. But from what I understand night elf mage, human hunter etc. will be available from the start. There was even some talk about them becoming available at the pre-release patch.

      I haven’t used my flying mount to get up or down, but I can imagine it would take quite a while *lol* It’s a really big tree!

  2. Great post as always! 😀 I am always fantastically happy when I color coordinate!
    The fp by the tree is a neat addition! When I played Ally I was always disappointed in the lack of information and such about the trees- which made me appreciate the raids in BC- but still while your leveling it would have been more fun to learn about.

    • With the addition of the Shades of the Kaldorei to the moonwell quests you’re getting quite the history lesson now, which is quite neat. I always loved the lore behind the game 🙂

  3. There’s also a glitch in the Cat Hair that drops from every cat you kill in the starter zone which sells for 7s 33c each and stacks to 20. I reported it yesterday because surely it’s wrong, but I leveled two hunters there just to check my numbers for sure, and one of them left the area with just over 1g and the other I intentionally farmed the cats on for almost 15 minutes and left with over 4g.

    I’m sure it won’t make it live, but just in case it does – night elves get to start off rich. 😉

    • That’s interesting.. I didn’t pay attention to that at all, I only killed the few cats I had to. But I did notice that you have more money in general at the low levels now. I could actually afford all of my new spells and skills! On live that’s usually a hassle at lower levels. Might be because low level quests now give a few copper as well as experience though, since currently they only give rewards/experience, no money.. until you get a bit higher.

  4. I have just returned to WoW after a short break from it and I started a new Hunter. I do like how the quests are more streamlined however is it just me or are there many less quests than before? Hope I have not missed them some how. Also I don’t remember having a mount at the begining of the game 😛

    • I think there’s a similar amount of quests, but they’re much more streamlined so they don’t seem as tedious. There’s less of the kill X of that thing, and more interactive quests.

      Level 20 is the new 40 for mounts 😛

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