Cataclysm: Dwarf Starting Zone

In an attempt to try all of the starting zones in the new world post-cataclysm it was now time for the Dwarves. Since I’m trying the new class combinations at the same time, of course I had to pick myself a Dwarf Shaman. So, please let me introduce you to Beiara, the Stout and Proud.


First off, like the night elf zone the dwarf starting area doesn’t physically look any different to before – however unlike the former the dwarves have some new quests whereas the night elves’ quests were virtually all the same as before. Some of the quests you will recognise from before, but there’s also some new ones since the focus of the zone has changed somewhat.

The troggs that were previously wandering around the zone rather aimlessly are now attacking the dwarves. It seems that they didn’t understand the concept of an earthquake but believes that the world shaking was the dwarves trying to attack them, so they’re not upset and doing their best to take down as many dwarves as they can. The dwarves have retreated into their base and you’re tasked to help them stave off the offenders and find supplies for the people waiting inside.

There's a war, a WAR I tell you!

Obviously, being dwarves the first thing you’re sent off to get the people in lock-down inside Anvilmar is.. eh.. beer. Cause you know, what’s an emergency without a solid drink, right? Screw provisions, at least for now, and get beer. Got it!

There’s a bug where female dwarf shamans didn’t get a Hearthstone in their bags, which was a little bit annoying – but I guess that’s what bug reports are for. The male ones did (I had to check), but whoever coded it forgot to give one to the females. How unfair..

I liked a quest where you have to get artifacts from the troggs. Mainly because it’s a little bit different to your normal kill-loot quest since the troggs get really angry when you attack them and actually throw the artifact at you. Obviously being in combat you still have to kill them (unless you wanna spend some wasted time running away), and if you kill them too quickly they won’t have time to throw them (but no worries, then you can still loot it). It was just fun to see some variation to the quest.

After that a lot of the quests are the same as before. Finding the three items for the gnome and killing trolls. It’s been more streamlined though so there’s a lot less running between the caves, the little camp and Anvilmar. The quests flow a lot better, for sure.

Once the zone is finished and you’re heading off to walk through the tunnels to Thelsamar you never get that far because the earthquakes made the tunnel collapse. Fortunately for you there’s a gnome pilot who can take you across on his helicopter! Yay!

Get me out of here!

To conclude, the dwarf zone hasn’t changed physically but has definitely changed a bit when it comes to the questing – and in my opinion for the better. The dwarf shaman feels a little bit more interesting since you now get Primal Strike at level 3, so it’s not all lightning bolts at lower level, but you can feel a bit like an enhancement shaman if you want to.

Scenic route to Thelsamar


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    • It’s especially sad since they did actually update some of the starting level gear. Out of the starting robes/dresses the dwarf shaman one must be one of the worst 🙁

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