Cataclysm: Human Starting Zone — 12 Comments

    • I felt really snazzy running around in my awesome new gear *lol* It’s odd though, when I did the dwarf zone I hardly got any new gear at all so it seems to be very different from zone to zone. I would have expected them to give everyone nice, new gear in the early levels.

    • I’m planning to try all the starting zones, but I’m not able to do some due to bugs which is a bit sad. Oh well, in the worst case there’s always release I guess hehe.. and if nothing else we’re catching these bugs BEFORE release.. would be pretty bad having Cataclysm come around and gnomes unable to level past level 2 hehe

  1. Awesome review 🙂 but I have one question; I was on my gnome, and I decided to get rep with Stormwind, but I could only do the first two quests, any idea if they’re just for humans now? Thanks 🙂

    • I hadn’t tested this so I went in on another race myself and had the same problem. I can’t find any information about it anywhere, but it does seem like you can’t do more than the first two quests now. Maybe this is to keep high levels out of the first zone new players log into. I’ve heard this has always been the case for the 1-5 Blood Elf area (not confirmed this though, I’m pretty sure the Draenei area was fine), so maybe they decided to do it for the other areas too. Instead now you can buy a tabard from the Stormwind Quartermaster and get reputation through dungeons. Maybe that’s what they want us to do now.

        • It may be for two races at a time, cause I found some quests in the gnome area that for some odd reason are listed as night elf+gnome quests *lol* I haven’t had time to actually test that theory though. I guess you can still go to Goldshire and do those quests if you want extra rep 🙂

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