Cataclysm: Draenei Starting Zone

Ok, this is hands down the most boring zone post-Cataclysm so far. It’s changes absolutely nothing. I’m not joking, there’s no streamlining of the quests, no new quests, no removed quests – it’s exactly the same. There is no sign of there having been a cataclysmic event in this part of the world at all.

This of course means that this will be a very short article, and hey – it’s weekend, so I think that’s fine. I could have skipped writing it I guess, but I wanted to write at least a little bit about every race’s starting zone.

So, anyway.. please say hi to the Draenei Warrior; Sachla.

Draenei Warrior

Okay, so.. Azuremyst Isle. Yep, it’s exactly the same as before. Apparently the Draenei haven’t heard of the Cataclysm yet. I don’t know if it’s because they’re supposedly part of the TBC-era and I know Outland isn’t changing – but they’re still on Azeroth and that has changed. So to be quite honest I find it a little bit odd that there’s no sign of any changes at all.

The only discernible difference in the zone is the addition of the Target Dummies that every starting zone has now.

Die, dummy, DIE!

So, what about the post-Cataclysm warrior? Well, first off I felt very weak and like I was taking a lot more damage than I’m used to – but maybe I’m just remembering my old warrior leveling days with rose-coloured goggles on. Other than that, you start at level 1 with the new ability Strike, which has a cooldown. At level 3 you get Charge, and at level 5 you get Victory Rush. Note though that Victory rush has changed and now heals you – something that I think can be very useful for a low level warrior.

Anyway, that was all the info I had on Draeneis. Enjoy your weekend!


Cataclysm: Draenei Starting Zone — 10 Comments

  1. They aren’t updating any of the tBC content, so both Draenei and Blood Elf areas are exactly the same.

    You’ll see the training dummies (as you mentioned) as well as mail boxes in the starting zones, but other than a few updated graphics here and there that’s as far as it goes.

    • I know, but it’s still a shame. While I know they’re not updating TBC content it still feels odd since they’re in Azeroth – not Outland and it feels like there would have been some signs of the Cataclysm happening. But I know they said they’re not touching TBC content, I just would have liked them to consider the starting zones since they’re still located in a “Cataclysm” area.

  2. This is probably the price of being a zone that came later and was much better designed than the originals, but it still sucks. Even Draenei deserve love Blizzard!

    • I agree that it definitely could use some sprucing up, but to be honest.. for now I’d settle for even just a little crack in the island to show that the Cataclysm did happen.

  3. I’ve gotta say, I’m rather disappointed with the Draenei. In WotLK it seemed like everywhere you turned there were new Blood Elves doing this or that or involved in the story via Sunreavers or milling about… The Draenei, there was one mention at the beginning of Borean Tundra that was an Alliance saying ‘we dont trust you here’, and that was it aside from the Tournament.

    Cataclysm looks to be more of the same. You’d think at least they could have phased the zone so that, once you blew up the Vector Coil, some of the crude shelter models got swapped with standing buildings. From what I keep hearing, there’s no new draenei or draenei related happenings in Cata at all, aside from a building model change at that outpost in Swamp of Sorrows. >.<

    • Yeah, from what I’ve seen in Beta so far there’s really no draenei love going on whatsoever. Which is a shame. I don’t expect them to overhaul every zone, etc. But at least a little something to show that the Cataclysm did happen would have been nice – even if it was just some fallen trees and a crack in the ground.. just something – anything – really.

  4. they should have changed at least the intro to feel at least something is changed and they should have removed the quest were u saved the eradiated draenei and at elves 2 i think they should change the intro i mean they can patch it right hope something comes to u blizz and change

    • Yes, it’s a shame that there’s no mentioning or sign of the shattering at all. I can understand them not touching outland, but the belf zone and draenei zone are in azeroth that supposedly were hit by the shattering.

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