Sooooo!  Finally, after months and months of recruiting (done by my darling other half), we have a guild with enough Tanks, more than enough DPS and the right blend of Healers with two Permanent PUG’s to spare.  What did I do to celebrate?  I declined the next two raids, of course!  Sure, we’re about to kill the weakened Raggy for the first time, but some things are just more important!

It’s all about BALANCE!
We talk a lot about balance in WoW.  Balance of classes, PvP vs. PvE, balance of our gamer’s hobbies and the rest of the world.  In the Zowy house we are all about balance.  I’m calm and patient, Mr. Zowy is energetic and randomly spontaneous. Our Baby Goblin (now 13 months) is a perfect blend of us both!

We strive to balance WoW and our Family Life with mixed amounts of success.  The deal Mr. Zowy and I made was:  One of us raids Saturday, the other Sunday dependent on raid requirements and sign-ups.  Looks good on paper but we can’t always factor in all the variables of life.  Will Baby Goblin want Mama or Papa this evening?  Are there any last second changes to the raid roster?  Will Baby Goblin want Mama or Papa….that one is worth mentioning twice!

Where did all the healers go?
Our guild has been healer-starved for as far back as I can remember.  As a result, I (a healer) end up reluctantly raiding both raid nights, while Mr. Zowy is sitting over my shoulder giving suggestions and chasing a very active smaller version of himself through the house.  This leaves me feeling a bit begrudged because it isn’t my night to raid and Mr. Zowy more than a little miffed because he hasn’t seen the first 5 bosses in Firelands since our third run through.  (Just when he got the tornado dance down too!)

Once Baby Gobs goes to sleep, Mr. Zowy is then able to join us but half the raid is over and it means a very kind and understanding DPS has to step out to make room for him.  It’s not been easy, nor without discussions, but we’re making it work and when in doubt, I always choose to say good night and turn off the PC.

I don’t want to attend every single raid!
One part of me is happy raids have been happening and our progression has been steady for a while.  A huge part of me wants to spend the evening with my Little Goblin (even though I get the other 5 in the week as well) and watch Mr. Z. enjoy himself raiding a full raid again.

House of Nerds
My father was one of the original nerds!  Being an electronic engineer before laptops were invented, we had an Atari 2000 when I was very young and I remember spending hours with him playing PacMan, Salmon Run and Breakout.  It was relevant to his work, was his argument, much to my mother’s frustration. He also taught me to program some basic Basic on that thing.  It was inevitable I should meet and fall in love with a gamer, written in the binary code of my life!

Because we are both gamers, in the same small casual guild, sometimes shit happens.  On rare, occasions, we’ve raided together, juggling Baby Gobs between us, until his bedtime.  One sits out on trash to give him the attention he needs then hurries back to the raid to kill a boss while our pride and joy cheers us on from his play box.  15-20 min break is called after a couple boss kills to put babies to bed, get a drink, stretch legs, call distant relatives, or anything else you’ve been meaning to do for a while.  Sometimes, it’s good to be the Raid Leader!

Lucky for us, our guild mates are of the most understanding sort.  We aren’t the only parents in the guild but we are the only parenting couple.  They don’t seem to mind us taking our time as long as we offer our excuses and lots of chocolate brownies. (guys love chocolate brownies, girls!)  Thanks to them, my guilt is minimized!

Plan for this weekend
Due to low sign-ups and an utter lack of a third (fourth?) healer, we managed only 6/7 pre-nerf with one-half of one evening trying to kill Raggy.  This weekend we have the sign-ups, the proper classes and the determination to make it all happen!  This weekend, I expect Raggy to be down 3 hours into the raid after clearing the instance first!  I jokingly told the guys I’d give them 2.  Instead of laughing, they roared and shouted it shall be done!  haha!

There will be a small twinge at not being in that all important First Kill Photo, but I expect I’ll be cheering too loudly to care too much about it. 🙂



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  1. I’ll try to fill your big goblin sized healing shoes for the raid on Saturday! It’ll be hard – but I’ll try!

    Ps. your About page is still set to the original blurb 😛

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