Writing Woes — No Comments

  1. Do you have a laptop? You might just be someone who needs to be alone to write. Another person there would definitely be distracting; I know some people can’t write with music, even.

    • Unfortunately, I no longer own a laptop. I used to have one, but I “gave” it to my nephew. By “gave”, I mean that I let him borrow it when I moved to England, and when I came back he was adamant that since I had left it behind it was now his. (This is the logic of a four year old.)

      Unable to break a four year old’s heart, it is now his laptop *lol* (It was really quite bad anyway, it had a bug that made the touchpad activate even if you weren’t touching it, making writing nearly impossible, since it would randomly move your cursor!)

      If I can’t get past this inability to write with someone next to me, I may have to invest in a new laptop.

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