Cataclysm: Worgen Females

As I think everyone knows by now (so it’s not much of a spoiler) the Worgen race is being introduced in Cataclysm. For the longest time there was no model in the game for the female but only of the male. They’re finally added her to the game and I have a few thoughts on the new race joining the Alliance.

First of all, I think it’s nice to see a more fierce and savage race join the Alliance, we could use some fresh blood and something that’s not just all-together pretty. The Worgen story is interesting and captivating (as you will notice if you play through the starting area once Cataclysm arrives).

My main quarrel with the race is the look of the female models. I know we’ve only just gotten them playable and it’s already on it’s second (or third?) incarnation. I’m glad that they’re not too pretty, but it’s a shame that every single face option has a permanent snarl on her face. From the front this isn’t visible, and from the front they almost look too pretty, but then you turn around and see them from the side and realise that they’re not really all that pretty.

But there are a few other things wrong with the models. Some they might fix, others I’m not sure if they’re actually intended.

  • There is a point in front of the female’s ears where you can see straight through her skull.
  • When viewed from the front the torso seems oddly twisted.
  • The breasts are insanely huge and seem almost too high up on the chest. If Draenei are supposed to be double Ds then Worgen must be double E or F… Seriously, it looks like they might choke on them!
  • The butt, in profile, is actually square.
  • The tummy has a very odd protruding area, kinda like she swallowed a small racoon and it’s still being digested.
  • The above two things gives her body a very weird slouch and I think that combined with their heavy breasts they’ll be prone to back problems.

I hope that they address some of these issues, but I must admit that I’m not sure they will. Don’t misunderstand me though, there are a lot of good things with the female model too. I really like their hairstyles, they’re wild and untamed, much like the Worgens are meant to be. Their animations are also pretty good, both for melee and casters. With a few adjustments, I think the Worgens could end up looking really cool (admittedly the male model is already really high on the cool factor – we just need the female model up there too).
Some photos to show what I mean below, click to enlarge.


Cataclysm: Worgen Females — 6 Comments

  1. The ‘face front’ picture really does look nice. I wish there were a non-snarling face, I really do. I might make a Worgen for the starting zone but other than that I don’t see myself playing one. I have enough characters that don’t wear shoes already =/

    • The snarling face is a nice touch, but as you say – another option would be nice too. As it stands you don’t have a choice, every single face is snarling. And the starting zone is definitely worth checking out. Like you though I have no intention of having a high level worgen. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now I’m okay just playing through the lower levels – the starting zone experience is definitely worth it 🙂

  2. Thanks for the screenshots, especially the profile ones. I’m planning on rolling a female worgen rogue, although I’m admittedly a little unsure about the models so far. I’m sure that they’ll get the square-butt and hole-in-the-head problems fixed before launch, but the tummy pooch and the snarl might be here to stay.

    I do love their hair though. So nice to see an Alliance character that has crazy hair… it reminds me of Joan Jett. 🙂

    • Oh I love the hair! And you’re right that the hole in the head will probably be fixed, I just thought it was funny when I noticed it *lol* I’m not entirely certain about the butt though, and the tummy pout is probably there to stay. Considering that night elf females have had square hips for years I’m not sure they’re changing the worgen females.. One can hope though.

      There’s still time for them to smooth things a bit, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! And if not.. just never look at her in profile and you won’t notice the square stuff so much hehe 😉

    • It’s probably worth it, I know I will make a horde goblin just to play through their zone. I haven’t been in Beta for a while, but last time I was the goblin zone was still bugged and you couldn’t get past level 4 (or at one point even level 2!) So I will play on at launch instead to get to try the experience 🙂

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