My first Comic

I’ve been wanting to do a comic (and have several ideas stacked up) for more than a year now. The intention was to draw it by hand, but I’m not very good at it so it’s just never happened. So now, inspired by the awesome Liala over at Disciplinary Action and her incredible comics I decided to try making them using photoshop instead.

So here, I give you my very first comic. (You’ll have to click it to be able to read it I’m afraid.) It was definitely a learning experience, and if I can bring myself to do another I know a few things to look out for next time.



My first Comic — 18 Comments

    • So relieved people are liking it (ie. having my kind of humour hehe). When I first saw that wand I couldn’t stop thinking up scenarios of where one would get it *lol* (The original look of the want was just an arm too, without the handle.)

  1. Heh, nice one! 😀

    I think warlocks in general have turned even more to the dark side with the new patch, so this seems pretty spot on.

    Any chance of making comic-day a recurring feature?

    • I do have some more in mind, but I don’t know how often I will have time to chuck them out – but will definitely try to make more. My warlock does give me inspiration 😉

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