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As I’m sure a lot of people heard during/after Blizzcon this year we will be able to pre-purchase an upgrade to Cataclysm from Blizzard directly. For me, who lives out in nowhere with no local store, this is great news. No more having to rely on an online store to ship my game in time, all I have to do is order it online and download it, and I’ll be able to play one minute past midnight on launch day.

I’ve already placed my order today as the service became available. The only thing that may be a bit annoying for some compared to buying the game on release is the fact that you pay for it today (or the day you do the online purchase) rather than on December 7th. However, the way I see it – I’d have to pay the price anyway so the date doesn’t matter so much.

To get it, all you need to do is logon to your account and where your WoW games are listed you will now see the little green arrow button that means it’s a game that can be upgraded. Clicking on it will take you through to purchase Cataclysm. If you have more than one WoW account though, make sure you pick the correct one! Also, it doesn’t look like you can upgrade more than one at a time, so if you’re planning to upgrade all of your accounts you will have to do them one by one.

Once the payment is done, all you need to do is log back in to the game and after that the upgrade will be registered and you will start downloading the data. It’s pretty much like normal patch data, downloading in the background when you’re either in-game or in the launcher. Everything should easily be downloaded by December 7th, and as the clock strikes midnight (or rather a minute past!) you can logon and start playing.

Purchase Complete

As I’ve said, I already put my order in – since I don’t want to wait for the mail delivery guy in the afternoon of the 7th! What about you guys? Are you going to a local store to pick the game up at midnight, are you ordering it from an online store or are you – like me – trying the new download feature?


Cataclysm Download Version — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve been waiting for Blizzard to launch a feature like this. :] Perfect for slackers like me, think I’ll buy it aswell. ^^

    PS. Just found this site, thumbs up. 🙂

    • I find it’s really helpful for people who either don’t want to, or don’t have the possibility to get their hands on a physical copy quickly enough.

      Glad you like the site 🙂

    • That’s just the thing, isn’t it? We all want it as quickly as possible, and sometimes going to a store just isn’t possible. I’m glad they introduced this feature 🙂 (Especially helps me who has a 1hr drive to the closest video game store *lol*)

  2. The download version is very tempting, but since I already have “the boxes” of all the previous parts, I think I’ll go for a box again 🙂

    • I do admittedly want the box too, so I’m tempted to still order a physical copy as well – but at least by getting the download version I won’t have to worry about the physical one being late. Might be a bit of a waste of money, but like you I do like having the box as well, and I guess I can always use it on one of my extra (currently frozen) accounts if I ever want to *lol*

    • I have no idea to be honest, but I guess not since a used version wouldn’t have an active game code – so no one would ever really want that 🙂 And I don’t really mind getting another copy for the box, I have a second account that I use for a little brother of mine when he comes to visit so we can play together. I think he’d be thrilled if he could make a worgen 😛

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