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  1. I don’t know how anyone can write a single word when they’re bone-tired. I used to stay up all night writing, but that was when I was proper buzzing, pleasantly sleepy. The momentum of getting things completed drove me. Now I have no momentum (or am just building it up again) I’m much more conscious of the condition my body is in. I can write tired, but much prefer not to. I can get away with it if I don’t have to get up early the next morning, otherwise it just messes me up.
    And with the amount of medication for migraines I’m on these days, tiredness is pretty much a given. I think that’s why I write so fast. 2k words the other night in under an hour, was probably a case of “Gotta get this done before I faceplant in the keyboard!”

    • I can write when tired, not so much when asleep. (Hah!) Hopefully these changes to my work schedule will help, because not getting enough (awake) time to write is doing my head in. And making my home look like much more of a mess than I’d care to admit!

      Writing as much as possible before you’re out seems like a solid plan. I might have to try that approach!

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