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  1. I edit my own work, too. External editors are just far too expensive and despite people saying how important they are…they’re just not affordable. Are my books perfect? Far from it. But they’re the best I can make them.

    I think back to when I had to explain to an editor at one publisher what certain words meant, and when I had to correct the spelling of another so while EDITING is essential, EDITORS are not. I don’t want people thinking I’m slapdash about my work, even though the odd typo will likely always slip through. It’s just that if I waited until I could afford hundreds of pounds for an editor, I’d never publish again.

    • That’s exactly it. I appreciate that editors need to make money too, but unless you’re a big seller – it’s just not affordable. I can’t spend possibly more than a month’s salary from my actual job on editing a book that will most likely never earn that money back.

      So, unless I suddenly win the lottery and can spend money on an editor while I write for fun in between my days at the spa and loitering around my new mansion… Yeah, I’m on my own with the editing.

  2. I also edit my own work, but I have two very good beta-readers who catch my errors.
    One thing that works well for me is to change the background to red, increase the font size and type, and read back to front. All these trick your brain into not glossing over the text.

    • Thanks for the tip, Cheryl. I definitely find that it’s easy to miss your own typos. Probably because we already know what the sentence is supposed to say, and likely remember it more than we actually read it.

      I can imagine that beta-readers help, you’re lucky to have two good ones!

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