Curse of Fail #4 — 6 Comments

    • Well, Cataclysm is a new beginning in a way I guess – but as Imps tend to do – he’s just looking forward to the world ending (being destroyed) 😉

    • I think it has to do with them being some kind of demonic stone core.. I mean, look at them.. they’re all stone.. having a tummy problem really can’t be pleasant 😛

  1. LOL! Gosh that’s funny. I’ve gotten so used to the mini earth rumbles I hardly notice them happening anymore! Oh well, in good time I guess, eh >.o

    • I’m sure the world will be destroyed before we even know it 😉 I agree though, I barely notice them either anymore. But I do like how they’ve gradually increased their intensity etc. Makes it feel more “real” somehow. (As real as a fantasy mmorpg can get *lol*)

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